kernel definition

  • noun:
    • A grain or seed, as of a cereal grass, enclosed in a husk.
    • The internal, generally edible seed of a nut or fruit stone.
    • Many content and central part; the core: "that tough kernel of gaiety that never ever breaks” ( Evelyn Waugh).
    • The core, center, or essence of an object or system.
    • The main (usually edible) section of a nut, specially after the hard shell is eliminated.
    • just one seed or whole grain, especially of corn or wheat.
    • The rock of particular fruits, eg peaches or plums.
    • The main section of many computer system os's which manages the device's sources together with interaction between hardware and software components.
    • Those elements, into the domain of a function, that the function maps to zero.
    • The group of people in a fuzzy ready that are completely included (i.e., whoever class of membership is 1).
    • the fundamental part of a seed; all of that is at the seed walls; the edible substance contained in the layer of a nut; hence, everything included in a shell, husk, or integument. See Illust. of endocarp.
    • just one seed or grain.
    • a little mass around which various other matter is concreted; a nucleus; a concretion or difficult lump when you look at the skin.
    • The central, substantial or important element of such a thing; the gist; the core.
    • The edible substance within the layer of a nut or perhaps the rock of a fruit.
    • officially, in botany: In phanerogams, strictly, the entire human body of a seed inside the coats, namely, the embryo, and, whenever present, the albumen.
    • In pyrenomycetous fungi, in old consumption, all the soft elements of the pyrenocarp or perithecium inside the firm exterior wall. Both in these sensory faculties a synonym of nucleus.
    • A gramineous seed with its husk or integument; a grain or corn: since, a kernel of wheat, oats, or maize: previously used and to the seed for the apple along with other pulpy fresh fruits.
    • The bundle of fat in the fore shoulder; any inflammation or knob of flesh.
    • Figuratively — The central section of everything; a mass around which various other matter is concreted; a nucleus as a whole.
    • The important part of anything, as a matter in conversation; the main or crucial point, in the place of matters of less import; the core; the gist: because, to come to the kernel of question.
    • A battlement.
    • An enlarged lymphatic gland.
    • In metallurgy, a nucleus of a double sulphid of copper and iron acquired in roasting cupriferous metal pyrites. The kernels tend to be separated yourself through the lumps of pyrites and therefore are melted for copper.
    • the choicest or most important or many important section of some idea or encounter
    • a single whole grain of a cereal
    • the inner and in most cases delicious part of a seed or whole grain or fan or fresh fruit stone
  • verb-intransitive:
    • To harden or ripen into kernels; to make kernels.
  • others:
    • To solidify or ripen into kernels, as seeds of plants.
    • To crenelate.

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