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  • noun:
    • The pigmented, round, contractile membrane layer of this attention, suspended between the cornea and lens and perforated by the student. It regulates the quantity of light going into the attention.
    • any one of many flowers for the genus Iris, having slim sword-shaped leaves and showy, variously colored flowers.
    • A rainbow or rainbowlike show of colors.
    • An iris diaphragm.
    • A plant of genus Iris, common inside northern hemisphere, and generally having attractive blooms (Wikipedia).
    • The contractile membrane layer perforated by the student, which adjusts to regulate the amount of light attaining the retina, and which forms the coloured part of the attention (Wikipedia).
    • A diaphragm accustomed manage the dimensions of a hole, specially as a means of controlling the level of light reaching a lens.
    • A rainbow, or other colourful refraction of light.
    • A constricted orifice into the course inside a waveguide, always form a resonator.
    • The goddess associated with the rainbow, and swift-footed messenger associated with the gods.
    • The rainbow.
    • An appearance resembling the rainbow; a prismatic play of colors.
    • The contractile membrane layer perforated because of the student, and creating the colored portion of the attention. See Eye.
    • A genus of flowers having showy flowers and bulbous or tuberous roots, of which the flower-de-luce (fleur-de-lis), orris, also types of banner are instances. See Illust. of Flower-de-luce.
    • identify Fleur-de-lis, 2.
    • the internal circle of an oscillated shade place.
    • just like iris diaphragm.
    • The rainbow.
    • [capitalized] In ancient mythology, the goddess associated with the rainbow and messenger associated with gods, affixed particularly to Hera.
    • [capitalized] The 7th planetoid, found by Hind at London in 1847.
    • An appearance resembling a rainbow; an appearance regarding the hues of a rainbow, as observed in sunlit spray, the spectral range of sunshine, etc.; any iridescence.
    • A precious stone.
    • In physiology, a contraetile coloured curtain suspended vertically when you look at the aqueous humor of this eye, involving the cornea in addition to lens, breaking up the anterior and posterior chambers, which intercommunicate through the pupil.
    • In entomology, the initial or internal band of an ocellated place, adjoining the student, being a light-colored circle with a dark center and external edge.
    • [capitalized] [NL. (Linnæus).] A genus of monocotyledonous plants of normal purchase Irideæ, tribe Moræeæ, having the perianth 6-parted, the 3 exterior divisions spreading or reflexed, additionally the 3 inner smaller and erect.
    • A plant of genus Iris.
    • The root of a species of iris cultivated in Asia and sold inside bazaars of Calcutta to be used, such as the Florentine orris-root, in perfumery and medication.
    • The iridescence in fractured items of rock-crystal.
    • flowers with sword-shaped leaves and erect stalks bearing bright-colored flowers consists of three petals and three sagging sepals
    • diaphragm comprising slim overlapping dishes that may be adjusted to alter the diameter of a central orifice
    • muscular diaphragm that controls how big is the student which controls the amount of light that comes into the attention; it forms the colored part of a person's eye
  • verb:
    • to open up or close in the manner of an iris.

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