inverse definition

  • adjective:
    • corrected so as, nature, or effect.
    • Mathematics Of or regarding an inverse or an inverse purpose.
    • Archaic Turned inverted; inverted.
    • contrary ultimately or nature or purchase
    • reverse, reverse in or order
    • obtaining the properties of an inverse.
    • A grammatical quantity marking that indicates the contrary grammatical quantity (or figures) of the standard number requirements of noun class.
    • Opposite so as, connection, or impact; reversed; inverted; reciprocal; -- opposed to direct.
    • Inverted; having a posture or mode of accessory the opposite of that that is typical.
    • Opposite in general and effect; -- stated with reference to any two functions, which, when both are done in succession upon any quantity, replicate that amount. The representation of an inverse operation is the symbolization associated with direct procedure with -1 as an index. Hence sin-1 x implies the arc or angle whoever sine is x.
    • other in the wild or result or reference to another quantity
    • reversed (switched backwards) to be able or nature or result
  • noun:
    • something which is opposing, like in series or personality; the opposite.
    • Mathematics certainly one of a couple of elements in a collection whose outcome beneath the procedure associated with the ready is the identity factor, specifically:
    • Mathematics The reciprocal of a designated volume. Also known as multiplicative inverse.
    • Mathematics The unfavorable of a designated quantity. Also called additive inverse.
    • the contrary of a given, because of contrary nature or effect.
    • the opposite type of a procedure.
    • The inverse of an element x with regards to a binary operation is a component that whenever along with x yields the correct identity element.
    • A statement made out of the negatives of premise and summary of several other declaration: ~p → ~q may be the inverse of p → q.
    • That which is inverse.
    • An inverted state or condition; a primary reverse; some thing right or positively as opposed to something different: as, the inverse of a proposition.
    • In logic, a proposition made by just interchanging the hypothesis and conclusion of another, with no constraint.
    • In mathematics, an inverse point, bend, function, proportion, proportion, etc.
    • In rouge-et-noir, the triangular room for which wagers are put whenever wagering the very first card dealt for a color won't be exactly the same shade while the one which wins the coup: in opposition to couleur. See rouge-et-noir.
    • some thing inverted in sequence or character or result
  • verb:
    • To calculate the bearing and distance between two points.
  • others:
    • Turned end for end, or in the alternative way; having a contrary training course or propensity; inverted: against direct.
    • In mathematics, reverse in general and result: said with regards to any two functions which, whenever both performed in succession upon equivalent volume, leave it unaltered: thus, subtraction is inverse to addition, unit to multiplication, removal of roots toward raising of capabilities, etc.
    • In logic, with summary as theory and hypothesis as conclusion.

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