interfere definition

  • verb-intransitive:
    • is or develop a hindrance or barrier: loud chatting that interfered utilizing the other patrons' conversations; support that only interfered.
    • Sports to do an act of interference.
    • To intervene or intrude when you look at the matters of other people; meddle.
    • To hit one hoof up against the opposite hoof or knee while moving. Used of a horse.
    • Physics & Electronics To cause interference.
    • To come in collision; to be in resistance; to clash; -- often used in combination with with.
    • To come right into, and take a component in, the concerns of other people; to intermeddle; to interpose; -- used in combination with in or with.
    • To hit one foot contrary to the other base or foot in making use of the legs; -- sometimes said of a person being, but often of a horse.
    • to behave reciprocally, in order to augment, diminish, or perhaps influence the other person; -- said of waves, rays of light, temperature, etc. See Interference, 2.
    • To cover the exact same surface; to claim the exact same creation.
  • verb:
    • to obtain included or include oneself, causing disruption.
    • (of waves) To be correlated with one another whenever overlapped or superposed.
    • become involved, so as to alter or hinder an action, or through power or risk of force
    • come-between so as to be barrier or barrier
  • others:
    • To just take a component in affairs of other individuals; particularly, to intermeddle; act in such a way concerning check or hamper the action of other people or things.
    • To clash; are available in collision; be in opposition: since, the statements of two countries may interfere; both things restrict one another.
    • In farriery, to strike one hoof or the shoe of 1 hoof contrary to the fetlock associated with contrary knee (of the same pair): stated of a horse.
    • In physics, to act reciprocally upon one another in order to modify the effect of each, by augmenting, decreasing, or nullifying it: said of waves of light, temperature, noise, liquid, etc. See interference, 5.
    • Synonyms Intermeddle, Intervene, etc. See interpose.
    • In base-ball, to obstruct unfairly a runner when he i s trying to attain a base; additionally, therefore to impair a catcher or fielder who's endeavoring to deal with or toss the baseball.
    • In foot-ball, to interpose between a runner and would-be tacklers to be able to assist the previous.

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