inning definition

  • noun:
    • Baseball One of nine divisions or periods of a regulation game, in which each team has actually a turn at bat since limited by three outs.
    • Sports The unit or period of a cricket game during which one group reaches bat.
    • a chance to work or speak out; the opportunity for achievement. Usually utilized in the plural with single or plural verb.
    • The reclamation of overloaded or marshy land.
    • a time period of play by which members of a visiting baseball staff make an effort to strike a baseball pitched by the opposing home staff until three players are known as away, followed closely by the same attempt by members of the house baseball staff up against the visiting team's pitching. There are nine or higher innings in a regulation baseball game.
    • an identical period of play.
    • a person (or team)'s change within table to help make shots until finished by a miss or a foul.
    • A chance or opportunity to perform some deed or work.
    • Lands restored from the sea.
    • Ingathering; harvesting.
    • hawaii or change to be in; specifically, in cricket, baseball, etc., each period where both teams get one turn each at bat; -- frequently within the pl.
    • Lands recovered through the water.
    • A bringing or taking-in; an ingathering, at the time of grain; an absolute or gaining.
    • the full time when someone or celebration is within, or in action, in a game or a procedure; a turn: frequently (in the uk constantly) in the plural type, whether with one or a plural good sense.
    • The expression of company of you; the full time where a celebration is in energy; more typically, any chance for activity or impact: as, its your innings today.
    • Land inclosed, whenever restored from sea.
    • The process of taking-in; especially, the reclaiming of marshy land by draining and financial and installing it for bearing crops; also the land so reclaimed.
    • The work or means of getting back in, as plants; harvesting.
    • (baseball) one of nine divisions of play when each team features a turn at bat

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