information definition

  • noun:
    • Knowledge derived from research, knowledge, or training.
    • Knowledge of specific occasions or situations that's been collected or obtained by communication; intelligence or development. See Synonyms at knowledge.
    • an accumulation of details or information: statistical information.
    • The work of informing or perhaps the condition of being informed; interaction of knowledge: protection directions are provided when it comes to information of your people.
    • Computer Science Processed, saved, or transmitted data.
    • A numerical measure of the anxiety of an experimental result.
    • Law an official accusation of a crime made by a public officer in the place of by grand jury indictment.
    • The act of informing, or interacting knowledge or intelligence.
    • Any fact or set of details, knowledge, development, or guidance, whether communicated by other individuals or obtained by personal study and examination; any datum that reduces doubt in regards to the condition of any part of the world; cleverness; knowledge produced by reading, observance, or training.
    • A proceeding when you look at the nature of a prosecution for a few offense contrary to the federal government, instituted and prosecuted, actually or nominally, by some authorized community officer with respect to the federal government. It varies from an indictment in criminal instances mainly in not on the basis of the choosing of a grand jury. See Indictment.
    • A measure of amount of feasible choices of emails found in a symbol, sign, transmitted message, or any other information-bearing item; it is almost always quantified while the bad logarithm regarding the quantity of allowed signs that would be within the message; for logarithms into base 2, the measure corresponds toward device of information, the hartley, which will be log210, or 3.323 bits; called also information content. The tiniest unit of information which can be contained or transmitted may be the little bit, corresponding to a yes-or-no choice.
    • Helpful realities, as contrasted with natural data.
    • correspondence of type or element; infusion, by an animating or actuating principle.
    • understanding communicated or obtained; specific intelligence or report; news; notice: because, getting information of a shipwreck.
    • Knowledge inculcated or derived; known facts or concepts, but communicated or acquired, as from reading, training, or observance: as, a man of various information; the knowledge collected from extended travel.
    • In law:
    • An official unlawful cost presented, usually because of the prosecuting officials associated with condition, without having the interposition of a grand jury. Wharton.
    • A criminal cost made under oath, before a justice for the serenity, of an offense punishable summarily.
    • A complaint, in a qui tam action in a court of common-law jurisdiction, to recover a penalty prescribed by statute or regulation.
    • In English legislation, a complaint in title regarding the top, in a civil action, to get pleasure of some obligation to, or even for some injury to the property or home rights of, the crown.
    • In Scots legislation, a written argument in court.
    • In metaphysics, the imparting of kind to matter.
    • formal accusation of a crime
    • a note received and recognized
    • understanding acquired through study or experience or instruction
    • an accumulation of realities from where conclusions could be attracted
    • (communication principle) a numerical way of measuring the uncertainty of an outcome

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