inflection definition

  • noun:
    • The act of inflecting and/or state of being inflected.
    • Alteration in pitch or tone for the sound.
    • Grammar a modification associated with the kind of a word with the addition of an affix, such as English puppies from dog, or by changing the type of a base, such as English talked from speak, that indicates grammatical functions such as for example number, individual, mood, or tense.
    • Grammar An affix showing such a grammatical function, since the -s into the English third individual single verb type talks.
    • Grammar The paradigm of a word.
    • Grammar A pattern of forming paradigms, including noun inflection or verb inflection.
    • A turning or bending far from a course or position of positioning.
    • a modification of the type of a word that reflects a modification of grammatical purpose.
    • a modification of pitch or words.
    • A change in curvature from concave to convex or from convex to concave.
    • A turning away from a straight program.
    • diffraction
    • The act of inflecting, or perhaps the condition of being inflected.
    • A bend; a fold; a curve; a turn; a twist.
    • A slide, modulation, or accent of the sound.
    • The difference or change which words go through to mark case, gender, quantity, comparison, tense, person, feeling, voice, etc.
    • Any change or modification within the pitch or tone for the vocals.
    • A departure through the monotone, or reciting note, in chanting.
    • Identical To Diffraction.
    • The work of inflecting, or even the state to be inflected; a bend or flexing.
    • In optics, the unusual modification or deviation which light undergoes in passing the edges of an opaque body, usually attended because of the formation of coloured fringes: additionally known as diffraction.
    • In grammar, the difference of nouns, etc., by declension, as well as verbs by conjugation; more particularly, difference simply by internal change, rather than by added elements alone.
    • Modulation regarding the vocals in talking, or any improvement in the pitch or tone associated with the voice in performing.
    • In geometry, the spot on a curve in which a tangent going along the curve by a rolling movement modifications the way of its turning, and begins to reverse; a stationary tangent.
    • In eccles. chanting, just like accent, 7.
    • a fashion of speaking where the loudness or pitch or tone regarding the sound is modified
    • a modification of the form of a word (usually by adding a suffix) to indicate a change in its grammatical function
    • deviation from a straight or regular course
    • the habits of stress and intonation in a language

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