incapable definition

  • adjective:
    • Lacking the mandatory ability, capacity, or power: incapable of carrying a tune; not capable of love.
    • Unable to do properly; inexperienced: an incapable administrator.
    • Usage Problem Not prone to action or treatment: an original feat, incompetent at replication. See Usage Note at able.
    • Law Lacking legal skills or requirements; ineligible.
    • unable (of accomplishing anything); unable.
    • with a lack of ability or certification with the aim or end up in view; perhaps not adequate to contain or hold; lacking in real strength, mental or ethical energy, etc.; unable
    • unable to be delivered to do or perform, because morally strong or well-disposed; -- used in combination with mention of the some evil.
    • Not in a situation to get; maybe not receptive; maybe not susceptible; incapable of admit
    • Unqualified or disqualified, in a legal good sense
    • As a phrase of disgrace, sometimes annexed to a sentence whenever an officer happens to be cashiered and rendered not capable of offering their nation.
    • (followed closely by `of') devoid of the temperament or tendency for
    • perhaps not conference requirements
    • not being vunerable to or admitting of something (usually accompanied by `of')
    • (accompanied by `of') lacking capacity or ability
  • noun:
    • a person who is morally or mentally poor or inefficient; an imbecile; a simpleton.
    • a person who is morally or psychologically poor or inefficient; an imbecile; a simpleton.
    • a person who lacks psychological or actual ability, either general or unique.
  • others:
    • unable.
    • poor sufficient ability or capaciousness; inadequate, unfit, or unqualified: in this and also the succeeding uses generally followed closely by of.
    • unable of obtaining or admitting; perhaps not susceptible: as, his great deal is not capable of amelioration.
    • Not capable of comprehending or comprehending; wanting admiration; involuntary.
    • unable legitimately; unqualified; disqualified by law; wanting legal warrant or capability.
    • Synonyms Incapable, Unable. Unable properly denotes a want of passive energy, the effectiveness of obtaining, and is appropriate specifically toward head, or stated of some thing inanimate: as, a body once dead is not capable of repair alive. The phrase often relates to ethical incapacity: because, he's rather incompetent at doing anything therefore base; or perhaps it approaches essentially the more energetic definitions of not able. Unable denotes the intend of active power or energy of performing, becoming applicable into the body or to your head: we're able to not say that Achilles had been struggling to be wounded, but we're able to state that Achilles ended up being incapable of a wound. In law capable and incapable refer more frequently to legal qualification, ready and struggling to actual center or hindrance: as, a guy is almost certainly not legally incompetent at doing an act, yet from circumstances be practically struggling to take action.

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