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    • To include or connect intimately or incriminatingly: proof…
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implicate definition

  • verb-transitive:
    • To include or connect intimately or incriminatingly: proof that implicates others into the story.
    • To have as a result or required scenario; suggest or require: His evasiveness implicated complicity.
    • Linguistics To convey, imply, or advise by implicature.
    • Archaic To interweave or entangle; entwine.
    • To infold; to fold together; to interweave.
    • To bring into connection with; to include; in order to connect; -- applied to individuals, in an unfavorable good sense
  • verb:
    • To connect or involve in an unfavorable or unlawful method with anything.
    • To suggest, to own as a necessary outcome or accompaniment.
    • To fold or twist collectively, intertwine, interlace, entangle, entwine.
    • enforce, include, or imply as a required accompaniment or outcome
    • bring into personal and incriminating connection
  • others:
    • To infold or fold more than; involve; entangle.
    • resulting in to be impacted; show is concerned or have part; bring into link or connection: with by, in, or with: as, the condition implicates other organs; the evidence implicates several individuals inside criminal activity.
    • Synonyms Implicate, Involve, Entangle. Implicate and involve tend to be similar words, however with a marked distinction. The initial way to fold into a thing; the 2nd, to move into it. What's collapsed, but could be collapsed but once or partly; what exactly is involved is rolled many times. Thus, guys are reported to be implicated when they're only under suspicion, or took but a little share in a transaction; they have been said to be involved when they are deeply concerned. Inside good sense implicate is often utilized of individuals; involve may be used of people or things; both words becoming constantly metaphorically employed. Entangle can be used either literally or metaphorically, and signifies to include so extrication is a matter of severe trouble.
  • noun:
    • The thing implied; that which results from implication.
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