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immersion definition

  • noun:
    • The work or a case of immersing.
    • the health of becoming immersed.
    • Baptism carried out by completely submerging someone in water.
    • Astronomy The obscuring of a celestial human anatomy by another or because of the shadow of another.
    • the act of immersing or perhaps the condition to be immersed
    • the sum total submerging of a person in water as an act of baptism
    • an immersion heater
    • a smooth chart whose differential is every-where injective, related to the mathematical concept of an embedding
    • The work of immersing, or even the condition to be immersed; a sinking within a fluid; a dipping.
    • Submersion in water for the purpose of Christian baptism, .
    • The state of being overhelmed or deeply absorbed; deep engagedness.
    • The dissapearance of a celestail human anatomy, by-passing either behind another, as with the occultation of a star, or into its shadow, as in the eclipse of a satellite; -- in opposition to emersion.
    • The act of immersing, or perhaps the state of being immersed; a sinking or dipping into a fluid.
    • Specifically A mode of administering baptism by dipping or plunging the complete person into liquid.
    • Figuratively, the act of daunting, or the state to be deeply engaged; absorption: as, immersion in studies.
    • In astronomy, the disappearance of a celestial body by passing often behind another or into its shadow: opposed to emersion.
    • In microscopy, the inserting of a drop of fluid, such as water, between your object-glass plus the object.
    • In ceramics, the effective use of the glaze to a bit of pottery by plunging it into a vessel full of the glaze in a liquid state.
    • An antiquated term the introduction of an excellent compound into a liquid reagent in order to produce substance change, whilst the calcination of tin by immersion in nitric acid.
    • sinking until covered completely with water
    • (astronomy) the disappearance of a celestial human anatomy just before an eclipse
    • total interest; intense emotional energy
    • a type of baptism which part or every one of someone's body is submerged
    • the work of wetting anything by submerging it
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