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illative definition

  • adjective:
    • Of, concerning, or for the nature of an illation.
    • Expressing or preceding an inference. Applied of a word.
    • Grammar Of, associated with, or being a grammatical situation suggesting motion toward or into in a few languages, like in Finnish Helsinkiin, "to Helsinki.”
    • of, or regarding an illation
    • of, or concerning the grammatical case that in some languages indicates movement toward or into anything
    • associated with, dependent on, or denoting, illation; inferential; conclusive
    • relating to or getting the nature of illation or inference
    • resembling or influenced by or attained by inference
    • expressing or preceding an inference
  • noun:
    • A word or expression, eg for this reason or even for that explanation, that conveys an inference.
    • See illation.
    • Grammar The illative situation.
    • Grammar A word or type within the illative situation.
    • a word or phrase that expresses an inference (such as for instance therefore)
    • an illation
    • the illative situation, or a word if that's the case
    • An illative particle, for, because.
    • what denotes illation or inference.
    • An illative particle.
    • In grammar, the illative situation.
  • others:
    • concerning illation; attracting or capable draw inferences.
    • Due to illation; inferential; inferred.
    • Denoting an inference: as, an illative word or particle, as then and therefore.
    • In grammar, noting the actual situation articulating movement into. See introessive.
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