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    • A tentative explanation for an observation, occurrence, or…
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    • A prediction or educated-guess centered on…
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hypothesis definition

  • noun:
    • A tentative explanation for an observation, occurrence, or systematic problem that can be tested by further research.
    • anything taken up to be true for the true purpose of debate or research; an assumption.
    • The antecedent of a conditional declaration.
    • Used loosely, a tentative conjecture describing an observation, trend or clinical problem that may be tested by additional observance, research and/or experimentation. As a scientific term of art, see the attached quotation. Compare to principle, and quote provided indeed there.
    • An assumption taken to be true for the purpose of argument or research.
    • The antecedent of a conditional declaration.
    • A supposition; a proposition or concept which is supposed or taken for granted, to be able to draw a conclusion or inference for proof of the point under consideration; something perhaps not shown, but assumed for the purpose of debate, or even account for a fact or an occurrence.
    • A tentative concept or supposition provisionally followed to spell out particular facts, and guide in investigation of other individuals; ergo, frequently known as a working hypothesis.
    • a tentative insight into the natural globe; a concept that is not yet validated but when true would describe certain realities or phenomena
    • a message expressing an impression predicated on incomplete evidence
    • a proposal intended to describe certain facts or observations
  • others:
    • A condition; that from which one thing follows: as, freedom may be the hypothesis of democracy.
    • A proposition thought and assumed, to be used as a premise in appearing another thing; a postulate.
    • A supposition; a judgment concerning an imaginary state of things, and/or imaginary condition of things it self concerning whose consequences some declaration is made or question is expected; the antecedent of a conditional idea; the proposition disproved by reductio advertisement absurdum.
    • the final outcome of an argument from consequent and antecedent; a proposition held become probably true because its consequences, relating to known basic principles, are observed to be true; the supposition that an object has a specific character, from where it would fundamentally follow it must have various other characters which it is observed to obtain.
    • An ill-supported concept; a proposition not thought, but whose effects it really is thought desirable examine with facts.
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