hull definition

  • noun:
    • The dry external covering of a fruit, seed, or fan; a husk.
    • The enlarged calyx of a fruit, eg a strawberry, which frequently green and simply detached.
    • Nautical The frame or body of a ship, unique of masts, motors, or superstructure.
    • The main body of various other huge vehicles, including a tank, airship, or flying motorboat.
    • The outer casing of a rocket, directed missile, or spaceship.
    • The external covering of a fruit or seed
    • your body or framework of a vessel such a ship or jet
    • The external covering of something, specially of a nut or of whole grain; the outer skin of a kernel; the husk.
    • The framework or human body of a vessel, unique of her masts, yards, sails, and rigging.
    • An outer covering, specifically of a nut or of grain; a husk.
    • Synonyms Husk, etc. See epidermis, n.
    • The framework or body of a ship, unique of her masts, yards, and rigging.
    • Hence— In sporting, so far behind as to stand no chance of winning.
    • A hovel; a pen; a sty.
    • Holly.
    • A dialectal pronunciation of whole, common in New England.
    • the frame or human body of ship
    • persistent enlarged calyx at base of e.g. a strawberry or raspberry
    • dried out exterior covering of a fruit or seed or nut
    • united states of america naval officer who commanded the `Constitution' throughout the War of 1812 and won a few brilliant victories resistant to the British (1773-1843)
    • a big fishing port in northeastern England
    • US diplomat who performed the groundwork for creating the un (1871-1955)
  • verb-transitive:
    • to eliminate the hulls of (good fresh fruit or seeds).
    • To strip off or split up the hull or hulls of; to clear of integument.
    • To pierce the hull of, as a ship, with a cannon ball.
  • verb:
    • To remove the external covering of a fruit or seed.
    • to drift; becoming carried by the impetus of wind or water on ship's hull alone, with sails furled
    • hitting (a ship) inside hull with cannon fire etc
    • eliminate the hulls from
  • verb-intransitive:
    • To toss or drive regarding the water, like hull of a ship without sails.
  • others:
    • To strip off the hull or hulls of: as, to hull whole grain; to hull strawberries.
    • To remove down.
    • To strike or pierce the hull of (a ship) with a cannon-ball.
    • To float or move regarding the water, because the hull of a ship without help of sails.
    • A variant of slope.
    • To shell (oysters).

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