hulk definition

  • noun:
    • Nautical huge, unwieldy ship.
    • Nautical The hull of an old, unseaworthy, or wrecked ship.
    • Nautical a classic or unseaworthy ship made use of as a prison or warehouse. Frequently found in the plural.
    • One, such as you or item, which large, awkward, or unwieldy.
    • A wrecked or abandoned shell of a usually large item, such as for example a building or car.
    • a non-functional, but floating ship, frequently stripped of rigging and equipment, and often placed with other utilizes like storage or accommodation.
    • any big ship this is certainly hard to maneuver
    • a large, (and perchance awkward) person
    • : An excessively muscled individual
    • the human body of a ship or decked vessel of any kind; esp., the body of an old vessel set by as unfit for service.
    • much ship of clumsy build.
    • Anything large or unwieldly.
    • A ship, particularly much ship.
    • something cumbersome or unwieldy; a large unwieldy person.
    • The body of a ship or decked vessel of any kind; especially, your body of a vintage ship or vessel that is set up as unfit for sea-service, or a dismasted wreck.
    • A hull or husk.
    • A hut.
    • A pigsty or a cattle-pen.
    • The holly.
    • In mining: removing the gouge or soft component from region of the lode before breaking any part of the tough metalliferous percentage of it down.
    • The excavation produced by this procedure.
    • a ship that's been wrecked and abandoned
    • a really huge individual; impressive in size or characteristics
  • verb-intransitive:
    • to seem as an enormous or imposing kind; loom: The big vehicle hulked out from the fog.
    • To move clumsily.
  • verb:
    • To remove the entrails of; to disembowel.
    • look large or reside a commanding position
  • verb-transitive:
    • To take out the entrails of; to disembowel.
  • others:
    • To take out the entrails of: as, to hulk a hare.
    • In mining, to take down or remove, since the gentler part of a lode, before getting rid of the more difficult component. See gouge, n., 5.

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