horizon definition

  • noun:
    • The obvious intersection of this earth and sky as seen by an observer. Also known as obvious horizon.
    • Astronomy The practical horizon.
    • Astronomy The celestial horizon.
    • Astronomy The restriction of this theoretically possible universe.
    • The range of the understanding, experience, or interest.
    • Geology a particular place in a stratigraphic column, including the location of just one or more fossils, that serves to spot the stratum with a specific duration.
    • Geology a particular layer of soil or subsoil in a vertical cross section of land.
    • Archaeology an interval where the impact of a specified tradition distribute quickly over a precise area: items associated with the Olmec horizon in Mesoamerica.
    • The horizontal range that appears to split up our planet from sky.
    • the number or restriction of one's knowledge, experience or interest.
    • a particular level of soil or strata
    • A cultural sub-period or level within an even more encompassing time frame.
    • The range which bounds that part of the earth's area visible to a spectator from a given point; the obvious junction of planet and sky.
    • an airplane driving through the attention associated with the spectator at right perspectives on vertical at a given place; a plane tangent to your earth's area at that place; known as distinctively the practical horizon.
    • an airplane parallel into the sensible horizon of a spot, and passing through planet's center; -- labeled as also logical horizon or celestial horizon.
    • The unbroken range breaking up sky and liquid, as seen by an eye at a given level, no land being visible.
    • The epoch or time during which a deposit was made.
    • the main horizontal range in a picture of every kind, which determines within the image the height associated with the attention associated with the spectator; in a protracted landscape, the representation of the normal horizon corresponds with this specific line.
    • The limitation of a person's selection of perception, capabilities, or knowledge.
    • A boundary point or range, or a time point, beyond which brand new understanding or experiences might be found.
    • The circle which at ocean kinds the apparent boundary between ocean and sky, and on land would bound the sky had been all terrestrial obstructions down to the sea-level eliminated. Called the apparent, practical, or noticeable horizon, in difference from the astronomical horizon (which see, below).
    • ergo The line that bounds the scene; the limitation of vision.
    • Figuratively, the limit of intellectual perception, of expertise, or of real information.
    • In geology, a stratum or band of strata characterized by the current presence of a particular fossil perhaps not based in the fundamental or overlying bedrooms, or of a peculiar assemblage of fossils.
    • In zoology and structure, an amount or horizontal range or area: as, the horizon regarding the teeth; the horizon associated with diaphragm
    • a particular layer or stratum of earth or subsoil in a vertical cross section of land
    • the truly amazing circle regarding celestial sphere whoever airplane passes through the sensible horizon plus the center of the world
    • the line at which the sky and planet may actually meet
    • the product range of great interest or activity that may be predicted
  • others:
    • To limit or bound by a horizon.

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