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    • the standard or condition to be homologous.
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homology definition

  • noun:
    • the standard or condition to be homologous.
    • A homologous commitment or correspondence.
    • Chemistry The connection of the elements of a periodic family members or group.
    • Chemistry The relation of natural substances developing a homologous show.
    • Mathematics A topological category of configurations into distinct kinds that imposes an algebraic structure or hierarchy on categories of geometric numbers.
    • A homologous relationship.
    • A correspondence of structures in two life forms with a typical evolutionary origin, particularly flippers and arms.
    • the connection between the elements in the same band of the regular dining table, or between organic substances in a homologous show.
    • A theory associating a method of quotient teams every single topological room.
    • a method of quotient groups linked to a topological room.
    • the clear presence of the same a number of bases in relevant genes.
    • The quality of being homologous; communication; relation.
    • Correspondence or relation in types of framework in contradistinction to similarity of purpose; as, the connection in structure between your knee and arm of a man; or that between your arm of a guy, the fore leg of a horse, the wing of a bird, plus the fin of a fish, every one of these body organs being adjustments of just one type of structure.
    • The communication or resemblance of substances belonging to the exact same kind or series; a similarity of structure different by a tiny, regular difference, and often attended by a consistent difference in actual properties; , all members of the paraffin series. In an extended sense, the term is applied to the relation between chemical aspects of equivalent group. Cf. Heterology.
    • The state or character to be homologous; communication.
    • In geometry, the connection between two corresponding figures lying-in equivalent jet that are in a way that corresponding points are collinear With a fixed point labeled as the center of homology, while matching outlines intersect on a set line called the axis of homology.
    • In chem., the partnership that your people in a homologous show bear together.
    • the quality of being similar or corresponding in position or worth or structure or purpose
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