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    • always show surprise or happiness, to attract attention…
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    • "Through leadership of the fight against…"
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    • (noun): Anyone who dehumanizes on their…
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ho definition

  • interjection:
    • always show surprise or happiness, to attract attention to some thing sighted, or even to urge forward: Land ho! Westward ho!
    • regularly entice attention to some thing sighted, frequently by lookouts.
    • halloo; hey; a call to excite interest, or even provide notice of method
    • Halloo! go to! -- a call to excite attention, or even to give notice of approach.
    • Stop! remain nevertheless! hold! -- a word today utilized by teamsters, but formerly to purchase the cessation of something.
  • noun:
    • Slang A prostitute.
    • A whore; a sexually free girl; overall usage as a very offensive name-calling word for a woman with connotations of loose sex.
    • an end; a halt; a moderation of speed.
    • A command to help keep silence, or even stop from everything.
    • Cessation; end; pause; intermission.
    • a trivalent metallic section of the rare earth team; occurs with yttrium; kinds extremely magnetic compounds
  • pronoun:
    • Whom.
  • others:
    • a-cry or telephone call uttered to arrest interest; also, an exclamation of satisfaction or exultation.
    • particularly, a-cry accustomed stop one that is passing, or even demand an end in certain activity; now, particularly (also written whoa), a-cry regularly end a horse or any other draft-animal; utilized imperatively, end! hold!
    • To cry away; call-out; hail.
    • to avoid; cease.
    • A Middle English kind of whom.
    • See he.
    • The chemical representation of holmium.
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