heap definition

  • noun:
    • a team of things put or thrown, one above others: a heap of dirty rags lying in the part.
    • Informal a good deal; a great deal. Often used in the plural: we loads of homework today.
    • Slang a classic or run-down car.
    • A crowd; a-throng; numerous or large number of men and women.
    • A great number or variety of things maybe not positioned in a pile.
    • A pile or size; an accumulation of things set in a body, or tossed collectively in order to develop an elevation; because, a heap of planet or rocks.
    • A data structure composed of woods for which each node is greater than all its young ones.
    • A crowd; a-throng; a multitude or significant number of people.
    • a large number or large quantity of things maybe not positioned in a pile.
    • A pile or mass; an accumulation of things set in a body, or tossed collectively so as to develop an elevation.
    • many persons or pets; a troop; a crowd; a large number.
    • many things; a sizable buildup, stock, or shop of any sort; a sizable quantity; a tremendous amount: as, a heap of cash; the frost destroyed a heap of fruit.
    • A collection of things laid in a body so as to form an elevation; a pile or raised mass: as, a heap of earth or stones. In some places a heap of limestone was formerly 4¾ cubic yards.
    • In math, a collection of objects all related in the same way someone to another.
    • an accumulation objects set together with both
    • a car which old and unreliable
    • (frequently accompanied by `of') a significant number or amount or level
  • verb-transitive:
    • To put or throw in a pile.
    • To fill entirely or to overflowing: heap a plate with veggies.
    • To bestow in abundance or lavishly: heaped compliments on rescuers.
    • to gather in great volume; to amass; to lay up; to build up; -- usually with up.
    • To throw or lay in a heap; in order to make a heap of; to pile; ; -- frequently with up; ; or with on.
    • to make or round into a heap, like in measuring; to fill (a measure) above also full.
  • verb:
    • To pile in a heap.
    • to create or round into a heap, as in measuring.
    • To supply in great volume.
    • fill to overflow
    • bestow in large volumes
    • arrange in stacks
  • others:
    • To cast, put, or gather in a heap; pile; accumulate; amass: as, to heap stones or ore: often with up or on: as, to heap up treasures; to heap on wood or coal.
    • To round or form into a heap, such as measuring; give or fill with overflowing measure.
    • To bestow a heap or large quantity upon.

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