harmony definition

  • noun:
    • contract in sensation or viewpoint; agreement: inhabit harmony.
    • an enjoyable mix of elements in an entire: color equilibrium; your order and harmony of the world. See Synonyms at proportion.
    • Music the analysis of this framework, development, and relation of chords.
    • Music Simultaneous combination of notes in a chord.
    • musical The structure of a-work or passage as considered through the point of view of its chordal qualities and connections.
    • Music a variety of sounds considered pleasing to your ear.
    • A collation of parallel passages, specially from Gospels, with a commentary demonstrating their particular consonance and outlining their particular discrepancies.
    • contract or agreement.
    • an enjoyable mix of elements, or arrangement of sounds
    • The scholastic study of chords.
    • several notes played at the same time to make a chord.
    • the connection between two distinct music pitches (music pitches being frequencies of vibration which create audible noise) played simultaneously.
    • The just version of components to one another, in virtually any system or combination of things, or in things designed to develop a connected entire; these types of an agreement between your different parts of a design or structure on produce unity of result.
    • Concord or agreement in realities, viewpoints, manners, interests, etc.; good communication; comfort and relationship.
    • A literary work which offers or arranges systematically parallel passages of historians respecting equivalent activities, and shows their particular agreement or consistency.
    • A succession of chords in accordance with the principles of development and modulation.
    • The science which treats of their building and development.
    • See Harmonic suture, under Harmonic.
    • A combination of shades which pleasing on ear; concord of noises or shades.
    • particularly, in songs: Music overall, seen as an agreeable mixture of tones.
    • Any multiple combination of consonant or relevant shades; a concord.
    • Specifically, a typical chord or triad. See triad.
    • the whole chordal construction of a bit, as distinguished from its melody or its rhythm.
    • The research for the framework, relations, and useful mix of chords: the essential branch regarding the technology of musical composition.
    • Any arrangement or combination of associated components or elements that's constant or is esthetically pleasing; contract of particulars relating to some standard of persistence or of esthetic wisdom; an accordant, agreeable, or ideal combination or assemblage of details; concord; congruity.
    • Accord, as in action or experience; arrangement, such as belief or passions; concurrence; great understanding; comfort and friendship.
    • A collation of parallel passages from various works dealing with of the same topic, for the true purpose of showing their particular arrangement as well as outlining their particular apparent discrepancies.
    • In structure, same as harmonia, 1.
    • The tonic, principal, and subdominant triads of a significant key.
    • communication, consistency, congruity; amity.
    • compatibility in opinion and action
    • a harmonious condition of things generally and of their particular properties (as of colors and noises); congruity of components together and with the entire
    • agreement of views
    • an agreeable noise residential property
    • the dwelling of songs with regards to the structure and progression of chords

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