hardhead definition

  • noun:
    • A shrewd, difficult person.
    • A stubborn, unmovable individual.
    • Any of several fishes having a bony mind, particularly the Atlantic croaker.
    • one that is practical or hardheaded.
    • A brown diving duck, Aythya australis, indigenous to Australia.
    • Any of numerous freshwater cyprinid fishes of the genus Mylopharodon, or of saltwater sciaenid (Sciaenidae) fishes.
    • some of a number of weeds in or formerly categorized when you look at the genus Centaurea, specifically russian knapweed (Acroptilon repens).
    • Residual ore that neglected to melt during a smelting procedure.
    • conflict or collision of heads in competition.
    • conflict or collision of heads in competition.
    • The menhaden. See Menhaden.
    • Block's gurnard (Trigla gurnardus) of European countries.
    • A California salmon; the steelhead.
    • The gray whale.
    • A coarse US commercial sponge (Spongia dura).
    • conflict or collision of heads in contest.
    • A small billon or copper coin of Scotland, officially referred to as lion.
    • The menhaden, Brevoortia tyrannus. See cut under Brevoortia.
    • The Ca grey whale, Rhachianectes glaucus: so called by whalers as it has actually a practice of butting ships.
    • The gray gurnard, Trigla gurnardus.
    • The ruddy duck, Erismatura rubida, much more totally known as hard-headed dipper. In addition hardtack, toughhead.
    • a type of commercial sponge
    • The knapweed, Centaurea nigra: so named from the similarity to the loggerhead, a ball of iron on a long handle. See knapweed.
    • An alloy of metal, tin, and arsenic remaining on the bottom, after liquation, undergoing refining tin into the reverberatory furnace. It really is nearly identical in composition utilizing the dross taken off the area during the operation.
    • Alarge, smooth, curved stone discovered especially in coarse gravel.
    • The name normally applied to other fishes having difficult heads: as in The united states to Chriodorus atherinoides associated with family members Hemiramphidæ, and Salmo gairdneri, a trout; in The united kingdomt to Myoxocephalus scorpius, a cottoid seafood.
    • Inthe Bahamas, a shrub regarding the spurge household, Phyllanthus Epiphyllanthus. Also known as seaside laurel. See laurel, 3.

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