harden definition

  • verb-transitive:
    • to create difficult or more difficult.
    • To enable to endure real or mental hardship.
    • To make unfeeling, unsympathetic, or callous: "To love love rather than its meaning hardens the center in monstrous means” ( Archibald MacLeish).
    • In order to make sharp, as with overview.
    • to safeguard (nuclear weapons) by surrounding with earth or cement.
    • In order to make difficult or harder; to make firm or small; to indurate.
    • To accustom by work or suffering to endure with constancy; to bolster; to stiffen; to inure; additionally, to verify in wickedness or pity; to create unimpressionable.
  • verb-intransitive:
    • To become hard or more difficult.
    • to go up and start to become steady. Utilized of prices.
    • To become inured.
    • To become tough or harder; to get solidity, or higher compactness.
    • To become verified or strengthened, either in good or a negative good sense.
  • verb:
    • In order to become tough (difficult, resistant to force).
    • to produce something difficult or harder (hard, resistant to force).
    • To become or make people or thing resistant or less sensitive and painful.
    • make fit
    • cause to accept or be hardened to; habituate
    • harden by reheating and cooling in oil
    • become tough or harder
    • make tough or more difficult
  • others:
    • to produce difficult or even more hard in compound or texture; make fast or small; indurate: as, to harden metal, clay, or tallow; to harden the fingers or muscles by toil.
    • To dry (garments) by airing.
    • to help make difficult or harder in feeling; improve or confirm regarding any part of character; inure; toughen; specially, in order to make indifferent, unfeeling, obstinate, sinful, etc.
    • Synonyms To accustom, discipline, train, toughen, habituate, steel, support, neurological.
    • To become difficult or higher hard; obtain solidity or compactness: as, mortar hardens in drying.
    • In order to become inured or toughened; particularly, to become unfeeling.
    • to increase in price; grow dear: as, industry hardens.
    • Of hards or inferior flax.
  • noun:
    • Hards or substandard flax.
    • A cloth of coarse fibre and texture, made from hards.

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