hanger definition

  • noun:
    • a person who hangs some thing: a residence artist just who in addition works as a paperhanger.
    • A contrivance to which anything hangs or by which one thing is hung, as:
    • a computer device around which a garment is draped for dangling from a hook or pole.
    • A loop or strap wherein some thing is hung.
    • A bracket regarding springtime shackle of a motor vehicle, built to hold it into framework.
    • A decorative strip of fabric hung on a garment or wall surface.
    • a quick sword that may be hung from a belt.
    • a person who hangs, or triggers become hanged; a hangman.
    • That through which a thing is suspended. Specially:
    • That which hangs or perhaps is suspended, as a sword worn at the part; especially, in eighteenth century, a quick, curved sword.
    • A steep, wooded declivity.
    • One who hangs, or causes to be hanged; a hangman.
    • That by which something is suspended.
    • A strap hung towards the girdle, where a dagger or blade is suspended.
    • A part that suspends a journal field where shafting runs. See Illust. of Countershaft.
    • A bridle iron.
    • whatever hangs or perhaps is suspended, as a sword used at the part; particularly, in eighteenth century, a quick, curved blade.
    • A steep, wooded declivity.
    • person who hangs everything; one whose career is hang some thing: because, a bell-hanger; a paper-hanger.
    • person who hangs persons, or inflicts the penalty of holding; a hangman.
    • what hangs or perhaps is suspended; specifically, a hanging or sloping wood or grove.
    • A short cut-and-thrust blade, specially one donned by seamen and travelers.
    • That from which one thing is hung or suspended.
    • especially — A support for a line of shafting, consisting of a box for holding the shafting, an oiling device, etc., and supported by a bracket, by arms fixed to your roof, or on legs which rest on the ground. The definition of includes the entire device, aids and all sorts of, whatever their particular form.
    • the reduced area of the heddle of a loom.
    • A chain or bent pole by which a pot or kettle is hung in the open fireplace of antique kitchens, in the form of the pothook: thus made use of humorously in term pothooks and hangers, the figures made by children in their very first tries to write.
    • The arrangement of straps where, in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the rapier ended up being hung from the gear: an appendage usually made fancy and ornamental.
    • In tailoring, the cycle or strap where a coat or other garment is hung on a peg.
    • In lace-making, one of those bobbins which lie along the pillow, as distinguished from worker-bobbins, which are relocated from side to side.
    • the truly amazing seaweed, Laminaria digitata. The stem is woody, from 2 to 6 feet long and from half an inch to nearly 2 inches in diameter. The frond is 6 or 8 feet long and 2 legs broad, and olivaceous brown in color. Whenever young the stems are often eaten. It was as soon as mostly found in the manufacture of cup, providing the alkali, but has now already been superseded. It's also utilized for making manages for knives, for gas, and manure because of the Highlanders. Also referred to as tangle, sea-girdle, sea-staff, and sea-wand. See Laminaria.
    • A vat in which skins are tanned when you're suspended into the alcohol.
    • a lengthy loop or looped rod which hangs from a transverse ray mounted on a foundry crane, and which gets the trunnions of a molding-flask slung therefrom.
    • an employee whom hangs some thing
    • any such thing from where anything can be hung

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