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    • Physics The all-natural trend of destination between real…
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gravitation definition

  • noun:
    • Physics The all-natural trend of destination between real objects with size or energy.
    • Physics The work or means of moving intoxicated by this destination.
    • A movement toward a source of destination: the gravitation for the center classes to the suburbs.
    • the basic force of attraction that is out there between all particles with mass inside world. It's the weakest of the four causes, and possesses a gauge boson known as the graviton.
    • The act of gravitating.
    • That species of attraction or force in which all bodies or particles of matter into the universe tend toward each other; called in addition attraction of gravitation, universal gravitation, and universal gravity. See Appeal, and Body Weight.
    • The work of gravitating or tending toward a center of destination.
    • That attraction between systems, or that acceleration of one toward another, which late hefty bodies towards the planet is an example. See gravity, 1.
    • In philology, the inclination of noises and syllables having minimum anxiety in order to become merged when you look at the accented syllable, or even to fall away totally; the absorption of weaker elements.
    • Figuratively, a prevailing propensity of mental or personal forces or tasks toward some certain point or outcome.
    • activity downward resulting from gravitational attraction
    • (physics) the force of destination between all public inside world; particularly the destination of this earth's mass for figures near its surface
    • a figurative action toward some attraction
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