gradient definition

  • noun:
    • an interest rate of interest; a slope.
    • An ascending or descending part; an incline.
    • Physics The rate where a physical quantity, including heat or pressure, increases or decreases in accordance with change in confirmed variable, especially distance.
    • Mathematics A vector having coordinate components that are the partial derivatives of a function with respect to its variables.
    • Biology a few progressively increasing or lowering differences in the development rate, metabolic rate, or physiological task of a cell, organ, or system.
    • A slope or incline.
    • an interest rate of tendency or declination of a slope.
    • Of a function y = f(x) or the graph of these a purpose, the rate of modification of y with regards to x, that is, the quantity wherein y changes for a certain (frequently unit) improvement in x.
    • The price at which a physical quantity increases or decreases relative to improvement in certain variable, especially length.
    • A vector operator that maps each value of a scalar area to a vector equal to the best price of change regarding the scalar. Notation for a scalar industry φ: φ
    • The price of regular or graded ascent or lineage in a road; level.
    • an integral part of a road which slopes upward or downward; a portion of a means maybe not amount; a grade.
    • The rate of boost or loss of a variable magnitude, or the bend which represents it.
    • The difference associated with concentration of a chemical substance in option through some linear road; also referred to as focus gradient; -- typically measured in concentration units per device distance. Concentration gradients are manufactured naturally, e.g. by the diffusion of a substance from a spot of high concentration toward areas of reduced focus within a body of fluid; in laboratory practices they may be made unnaturally.
    • Same as level, 2.
    • In physics, the price of which a variable volume, as temperature or force, alterations in worth: as, thermometric gradient; barometric gradient.
    • In math, a rational integral homogeneous and isobaric purpose.
    • In geometry, pitch.
    • the home possessed by a line or area that departs from the horizontal
    • a graded improvement in the magnitude of some physical amount or measurement
  • adjective:
    • Moving by steps; walking.
    • Rising or descending by regular examples of desire.
    • Adapted for walking, because the foot of certain birds.
  • others:
    • Moving by measures; walking; gressorial: ambulatory: in opposition to saltatory: stated often of creatures or of these gait: in heraldry, stated of a tortoise made use of as a bearing and represented in fesse.
    • In herpetology, walking or running on feet; especially, of or regarding the Gradientia: correlated with salient and serpent.
    • increasing or descending by regular degrees of interest: because, the gradient type of a railroad.

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