dual definition

  • adjective:
    • made up of two often like or complementary components; double: dual controls for pilot and copilot; an automobile with dual fatigue pipelines.
    • Having a double character or purpose: a belief within the double nature of truth.
    • Grammar Of, concerning, or being lots category that shows two individuals or things, such as Greek, Sanskrit, and Old English.
    • described as having two (usually comparable) elements.
    • Double.
    • regarding grammatical quantity (as in single and plural), referring to two of anything, including a couple of footwear, in the context of the single, plural and in some languages, test grammatical quantity. Contemporary Arabic displays a dual quantity, as did Homeric Greek.
    • Expressing, or consisting of, the quantity two; belonging to two; , in Greek.
    • having several distinctly dissimilar aspects or characteristics
    • composed of or involving two parts or elements generally in sets
    • a grammatical number category referring to two items or devices in place of one item (single) or higher than two things (plural)
  • noun:
    • Grammar The twin quantity.
    • Grammar An inflected type of a noun, adjective, pronoun, or verb combined with two things or people.
    • Of something that is one of some, the other item in the set.
    • Of a consistent polyhedron with V vertices and F faces, the standard polyhedron having F vertices and V faces.
    • twin number The grammatical number of a noun establishing two of some thing (as in single, dual, plural), sometimes discussing two of any such thing (a few, precisely two of), or a chirality-marked set (such as left and right, just like gloves or shoes) or in some languages as a discourse marker, "between you and me". A couple of languages show test number.
    • Of a vector in an inner item space, the linear functional corresponding to using the internal item with this vector. The group of all duals is a vector room called the dual room.
    • In sentence structure, the amount associated with two; the dual quantity.
    • In geometry, a figure or theorem gotten by a principle of duality, as by interchanging side and position in an airplane.
    • In chess, an issue that has two solutions, which, one out of which the mate may be provided either by one or by two pieces, or by one-piece on several various squares.
  • others:
    • associated with two; especially, in grammar, revealing two, as distinguished from singular, expressing one, and from plural, revealing over two.
    • Composed or comprising two components, characteristics, or natures, which might be separately considered; twofold; binary; dualistic: as, the twin nature of man, spiritual and corporeal.
    • In geometry, given by a principle of duality, as by interchanging point and straight in a plane.

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