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drogue definition

  • noun:
    • Nautical See sea anchor.
    • A drogue parachute.
    • A funnel-shaped or cone-shaped device towed behind an aircraft as a target.
    • A funnel-shaped unit at the end of the hose of a tanker aircraft, made use of as a stabilizer and receptacle for the probe of a receiving plane, like in refueling.
    • A floating object connected to the end of a harpoon range to slow a whale down and steer clear of it from scuba diving.
    • a form of bag pulled behind a boat to end it from broaching to.
    • A conical container or textile building used variously as a kind of brake for some forms of plane, a target for gunnery rehearse, so that as a docking point for aerial refuelling.
    • A wind cone.
    • See drag, n., 6, and Drag sail, under drag, n.
    • a tiny parachute pulled behind a car as a way of stabilizing it, or implemented first in order to assist opening of a larger parachute.
    • a funnel-shaped attachment at the end of a hose suspended from a tanker airplane in flight, to which the probe of some other airplane may connect, to be able to complete a connecting hose line whereby gas might transmitted from tanker into following airplane. It's utilized for in-flight refueling.
    • The drag, an implement, regularly check the development of a running whale when you are bent to the drogue-iron.
    • Same as drag, 1, .
    • restraint comprising a canvas covered frame that floats behind a vessel; stops drifting or preserves the proceeding into a wind
    • a funnel-shaped unit towed as a target by an airplane
    • a truncated cloth cone installed on a mast; utilized (e.g., at airports) showing the direction for the wind
    • a parachute used to decelerate an object this is certainly going rapidly
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