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    • The work of deflecting or the condition to…
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    • The perceptual puzzle arises because the…
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deflection definition

  • noun:
    • The work of deflecting or the condition to be deflected.
    • Deviation or a specified quantity of deviation.
    • The deviation of an indication of a measuring instrument from zero or from its regular position.
    • The movement of a structure or structural part due to stress.
    • The act of deflecting or something deflected.
    • The deviation of a needle or any other indicator from the previous place.
    • The act of switching apart, or state to be turned aside; a turning from a right range or appropriate training course; a bending, esp. downward; deviation.
    • The deviation of an attempt or basketball from its real course.
    • A deviation of this rays of light toward the top of an opaque body; inflection; diffraction.
    • The bending which a beam or girder undergoes from the own weight or by reason of lots.
    • The work of switching or the condition to be turned apart from a straight range or course; a turning from a genuine range or the regular training course; deviation.
    • Figuratively, deviation from right, regular, or anticipated plan of action or believed; aberration.
    • Specifically Nautical, the deviation of a ship from her true course in cruising.
    • In optics, a deviation associated with the rays of light toward the surface of an opaque human anatomy; inflection. See diffraction.
    • In electricity, the deviation or swing of a magnetic needle through the zero of its position: usually assessed in levels.
    • In math: the length where a curve departs from another bend, or from a straight range.
    • Any result either of curvature or of discontinuous change of way.
    • In mech., the flexing of material under a transverse stress, by a beam under the fat of lots.
    • In entomology: hawaii to be bent downward: since, a deflection for the side of the pronotum.
    • A deflected part or margin.
    • extent by which a propagating wave is bent
    • a twist or aberration; specially a perverse or abnormal means of judging or acting
    • a turning aside (of training course or attention or issue)
    • the property to be bent or deflected
    • the motion associated with the pointer or pen of a measuring tool from the zero position
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