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    • A structure consisting really of an upright and…
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    • The sun rises, crosss the sky,…
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crosss definition

  • noun:
    • A structure consisting really of an upright and a crosspiece, anciently utilized as a gibbet in discipline by crucifixion, now, in several paid down or representative forms, as symbolic associated with the Christian faith.
    • A structure or memorial by means of a cross, or with a cross upon it, arranged because of the wayside, in market-places, etc., in Greek and Roman Catholic countries, to stimulate devotion.
    • A small mix with a human figure attached to it, as a representation of Christ crucified; a crucifix.
    • Something resembling a cross, or some unit by means of a cross.
    • In England, formerly, any coin bearing the representation of a cross. The common reverse variety of English gold coins from William I. to James I. had been a cross.
    • The crucifixion of Christ; the sufferings and loss of Christ as essential parts of their mission; the atonement.
    • The Christian religion, or those who accept it; Christianity; Christendom.
    • Any suffering voluntarily borne in Christ's title and for Christ's benefit.
    • Anything that thwarts, obstructs, perplexes, or problems; barrier; vexation; misfortune; opposition; trial of determination.
    • A mixing of types in creation of pets; an animal of a cross-breed.
    • In botany, a cross-breed in flowers, made by cross-fertilizing people of different kinds of the exact same species.
    • A four-way joint or link in a wrought-or cast-iron pipeline.
    • In electrical energy, the accidental contact of two wires or conductors owned by different circuits, or of two elements of exactly the same circuit, this kind of a fashion that a percentage of this present flows from a single to the other. Whenever these types of a cross exists between two lines or circuits, they are reported to be cross-circuited.
    • In sporting, a contest decided dishonestly, through the events permitting himself to be outdone, for the sake of getting cash by gambling or bribery.
    • The scarlet lychnis, Lychnis Chalcedonica, from kind and colour of the rose.
    • A society created by clerical members of the severe ritualistic element of the English Church.
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