contain definition

  • verb-transitive:
    • having inside; hold.
    • is capable of holding.
    • To have as component parts; integrate or include: The record album contains numerous memorable songs.
    • to put on or hold within restrictions; restrain: I could hardly consist of my curiosity.
    • to prevent the spread or improvement; check: Science sought a powerful approach to containing the condition.
    • to check on the expansion or impact of (a hostile energy or ideology) by containment.
    • Mathematics To be precisely divisible by.
    • To hold within fixed limitations; to comprise; to incorporate; to inclose; to put on.
    • to possess convenience of; to be able to hold; to keep; to be equivalent to.
    • to place constraint upon; to restrain; to confine; to keep within bounds.
  • verb:
    • : to put up around.
    • : to add as a component.
    • : To restrict through discipline.
    • to possess as an element.
    • To restrain need; to live in continence or chastity.
    • contain or hold; have actually within
    • include or contain; have as a factor
    • be divisible by
    • allow you to holding or containing
    • hold back, by a danger or an enemy; look at the growth or impact of
    • lessen the intensity of; temperament; hold in discipline; hold or keep within limits
  • verb-intransitive:
    • To restrain desire; to call home in continence or chastity.
  • others:
    • to put up within fixed limits; comprehend; comprise; consist of; hold.
    • become effective at keeping; have, as a vessel, an interior amount equal to: because, this vessel contains two gallons.
    • To comprise, as a writing; have as articles.
    • to put on in opinion; regard (with).
    • Reflexively, to conduct or deport (one's self); hence, to do something; do.
    • to place restraint on; restrain; retain; withhold.
    • Reflexively, to help keep within bounds; hold in; modest.
    • In math, to be divisible by, without a remainder.
    • To restrain or control need, activity, or feeling.
    • To exist; be held or included; be or stay.
    • 3. To carry out a person's self; can be found in activity; behave.
    • To hold (a body of troops) in place, typically by deploying the containing force in its front and threatening an attack.

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