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    • present at beginning or right from the start;…
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    • When there are but two opposite…
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connate definition

  • adjective:
    • present at beginning or right from the start; inborn or built-in.
    • Originating at precisely the same time; related.
    • Becoming in close agreement or sympathy; congenial: "When You Look At The wilderness, We find something more dear and connate than in roads and villages” ( Ralph Waldo Emerson).
    • Biology Joined or united with a structure of the same sort, as sepals or petals.
    • Geology Trapped in deposit or rock during deposition: connate water.
    • cognate
    • inborn
    • united with others of the same kind (especially of sepals or petals)
    • trapped within a rock at the time of its development (especially of liquid or petroleum)
    • created with another; being of the identical delivery.
    • Congenital; existing from delivery.
    • Congenitally united; developing from one base, or united at their bases; united into one human body. See Illust. of Connate-perfoliate.
    • of similar components or body organs; closely joined or united
    • related in the wild
  • others:
    • Inborn; implanted at or current from delivery; congenital.
    • Cognate; allied in source or nature.
    • In anat. and zoology, united; perhaps not divided by a, joint or suture; confluent; especially, in entom., immovably united; soldered collectively. Thus, the menturn and ligula may be connate - this is certainly, maybe not independently movable.
    • In. botany, united congenitally: a broad term including both adnate and coalescent. Some times coherent.
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