condenser definition

  • noun:
    • One that condenses, specially an apparatus used to condense vapor.
    • identify capacitor.
    • A mirror, lens, or mix of contacts accustomed gather light and direct it upon an object or through a projection lens.
    • a tool made to condense a gas into a liquid, either as part of a still, steam engine, fridge or similar device.
    • A capacitor.
    • A lens (or mixture of contacts) designed to gather light and focus it onto a specimen or part of a mechanism.
    • A dental tool regularly pack filling into a cavity in a tooth.
    • one that, or what, condenses.
    • An instrument for condensing environment or other flexible liquids, comprising a cylinder having a movable piston to make air into a receiver, and a valve to avoid its escape.
    • a guitar for concentrating electrical energy by the aftereffect of induction between conducting plates divided by a nonconducting dish.
    • A lens or mirror, often of quick focal distance, accustomed focus light upon an object.
    • An apparatus for receiving and condensing the volatile services and products of distillation to a liquid or solid kind, by cooling.
    • An apparatus, individual from the cylinder, where fatigue steam is condensed by the action of cold water or air. See Illust. of Steam-engine.
    • person who or what condenses.
    • Specifically— Any unit for decreasing fumes or vapors to liquid or solid kind. The reduction is usually effected by bringing down the heat for the vapor by experience of chilled surfaces. A form of condenser typical inside laboratory is shown when you look at the figure. From flask, A, the vapor to be condensed escapes through tube b c, which passes through a larger condenser-tube. A stream of ice-water comes into the condenser through d, and passes off through g, maintaining the surface of the internal pipe, b c, chilled, and the vapor going into the tube from A is condensed and drops from c as a liquid. Condensers regularly focus vapors or gases, as steam, alcoholic vapors, fumes, volatile liquids, etc., frequently depend upon the decreasing effects of a lower life expectancy heat. Included the vapor, gas, smoke, or fumes tend to be brought into immediate experience of chilled surfaces. It is carried out in an excellent number of techniques, as in the top condenser of this steam-engine, the worm of a still, or the long convoluted pipes where poisonous fumes or smoke are cooled before being permitted to escape towards the chimney. The cooling areas are often kept cool by water, like in the nonetheless, the gas-condenser, the sugar-condenser, etc. For fumes and smoke, the experience of walls confronted with air is sufficient.
    • part of a cotton-gin which compresses the lint for convenient managing.
    • In wool-manuf., a machine which forms the wool obtained through the doffer of a carding-engine or comber, and moves it into slubbings. The doffer associated with carding-engine is covered by a few synchronous pieces of card-clothing, wrapped about the cylinder. The wool hence comes off in a number of loose level ribbons of fleece, that the condensing-machine are held by a leather apron beneath a roller with a reciprocating motion transverse to their direction, and so moves these slivers into loose slubbings, that are wound upon a roll and tend to be ready for rotating.
    • within the manufacture of sugar, the equipment useful for focusing the clarified juice, preparatory to its final focus within the vacuum or evap-orating-pan. The alcohol trickles over the area of steam-pipes, where temperature evaporates the water which constitutes vast majority associated with the cane-juice.
    • In optical instruments, a lens, or mix of lenses, accustomed gather and concentrate the rays of light gathered by a mirror and direct them upon the item, given that bull's eye condenser (see bull's-eye, 9) additionally the achromatic condenser used with the microscope.
    • A device for eliminating from a present of gasoline such elements as will likely be caused to fall out of the gasoline by reducing its temperature. Tar arrd ammonia are separable this way.
    • an electric unit described as its capacity to store an electrical charge
    • lens regularly focus light on an object
    • a hollow coil that condenses by abstracting heat
    • an apparatus that converts vapor into fluid

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