color-blindness definition

  • noun:
    • Alternative as a type of colour-blindness.
    • Incapacity for seeing colors, independent of the convenience of differentiating light and color, and kind.
    • Since it is predicted this one man in twenty-five is color-blind, the necessity of acknowledging this problem in railway or maritime staff members, whoever profession needs the capability to differentiate rapidly between signals various colors, is evident. Many European governments and a few for the united states of america currently have legislation controlling the study of candidates for these types of positions. The big railway businesses by themselves account test the eyesight of brand new guys and need all staff members to submit to reĂ«xamination at stated intervals. Numerous tests are created for this purpose, but practically only two are utilized in official exams. One of these 's almost constantly founded in the wool test of Holmgren. Inside a hundred or more skeins of wool, many different in shade or tone, are put in a pile, in addition to candidate is required to pick first all the skeins corresponding in color to a light green skein. The test is then repeated with a rose-pink skein, and in some cases with a bright red one. The color-blind person hesitates in creating his choices and suits the colors wrongly. One other test consists in use of a lantern so organized on show the light through several disks of cup, the colour, dimensions, and brightness which is varied to be able to simulate lantern signals under various conditions of length, fog, smoke, etc. The wool test may also be modified by having the skeins suspended side by side from a stick, so that the alternatives may be made faster. In place of skeins of wool, colored blocks, small cup tubes full of colored powders, or slips of report of different colors, are often utilized, or colored letters are printed on a colored history so that many of them may not be distinguished from back ground by color-blind persons. In formal exams the acuteness of eyesight for type and hearing are often tested, as well as the purpose of color-perception. It ought to be included that the wool and lantern tests are in no way adequate tests of color-blindness at-large. Many cases of red-green loss of sight are missed by the wool test; therefore the lantern test just shows whether or not the employee can differentiate the colors utilized beneath the specific circumstances of observation, perhaps not whether he is partly color-blind. To identify the less obvious cases of limited color-blindness, recourse must certanly be needed to some instrument of precision, eg Hering's colorblindness tester, where the color-tone and brightness of complementary color-pairs can be accurately and measurably adjusted.

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    • Alternative as a type of colour-blindness.
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