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cockscomb definition

  • noun:
    • The comb of a rooster.
    • The cap of a jester, decorated to look like the comb of a rooster.
    • An annual plant (Celosia cristata) widely cultivated for the showy, fan-shaped or plumelike groups of red or yellowish plants. Also referred to as celosia.
    • Obsolete Variant of coxcomb.
    • The fleshy red crest of a rooster
    • A red cap once worn by court jesters
    • An annual yard plant, Celosia cristata, having showy purple clusters of flowers
    • A conceited dandy
    • A serrated cleat once fitted to the yards of a square-rigged ship and utilized as soon as the sail had been reefed
    • See coxcomb.
    • A plant (Celosia cristata), of numerous varieties, cultivated because of its broad, fantastic spikes of brilliant blossoms; -- often known as yard cockscomb. Also the Pedicularis, or lousewort, the Rhinanthus Crista-galli, therefore the Onobrychis Crista-galli.
    • The comb or caruncle of a cock.
    • A name directed at flowering plants of various genera.
    • a type of oyster, Ostræa cristagalli, having both valves plaited. Also known as cockscomb-oyster. E. P. Wright.
    • In anatomy, the crista galli of ethmoid bone. See crista.
    • In lace-making, a bride. See bride, 2.
    • A fop; a vain silly other: inside feeling typically written coxcomb (which see).
    • Nautical, a notched cleat on the yard-arm of a vessel to facilitate hauling out the reef-earings.
    • a cap worn by judge jesters; adorned with a strip of purple
    • the fleshy red crest regarding head regarding the domestic fowl along with other gallinaceous wild birds
    • yard yearly with featherlike spikes of red or yellowish plants
    • a conceited dandy who's overly impressed by his or her own accomplishments
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