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    • Of reduced, typical, or inferior quality.
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coarse definition

  • adjective:
    • Of reduced, typical, or inferior quality.
    • with a lack of delicacy or sophistication: coarse ways.
    • Vulgar or indecent: coarse language.
    • comprising huge particles; not fine in surface: coarse sand.
    • Rough, specifically to touch: a coarse tweed.
    • consists of large parts or particles; of inferior quality or appearance; maybe not fine in material or close-in surface.
    • Lacking sophistication, style or delicacy;
    • big in volume, or made up of large parts or particles; of inferior high quality or look; not fine in product or close in texture; gross; dense; harsh; -- against fine.
    • perhaps not processed; harsh; rude; unpolished; gross; indelicate.
    • of designs that are rough to touch or substances composed of reasonably huge particles
    • of reduced or inferior quality or value
    • lacking sophistication or cultivation or style
  • others:
    • Of inferior or faulty high quality; poor in kind or personality; not pure or option; perhaps not smooth or dainty; rude; common; base.
    • Wanting in fineness of surface or delicacy of framework, or in beauty of kind; made up of big components or particles; dense and harsh in surface: as, coarse thread or yarn; coarse hair; coarse sand; coarse cloth; coarse paper.
    • displaying or described as decreased refinement; rude; vulgar; of ways or speech, unpolished, uncivil, or ill-bred: since, a coarse face; coarse manners.
    • Gross; indelicate; offensive: as, coarse language; a coarse motion.
    • harsh; inclement; unpleasant: said regarding the weather: as, it's a coarse day.
    • In pathology, harsh; hoarse: stated associated with the respiratory note or of rĂ¢les heard in auscultation of this upper body.
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