careen definition

  • verb-intransitive:
    • To lurch or swerve whilst in movement.
    • To rush headlong or negligently; career: "He careened through foreign regions on a desperate sort of blitz” ( Anne Tyler).
    • Nautical To lean-to one side, as a ship sailing inside wind.
    • Nautical To turn a ship on its part for cleansing, caulking, or repairing.
    • To incline to a single side, or lay over, as a ship whenever cruising on a wind; is from the keel.
  • verb-transitive:
    • Nautical To cause (a ship) to lean to one part; tilt.
    • To slim (a ship) on a single part for cleaning, caulking, or restoring.
    • to completely clean, caulk, or fix (a ship inside place).
    • resulting in (a vessel) to slim over in order for she floats on one side, making others part off water and available for repairs underneath the water line; to case to-be from the keel.
  • noun:
    • Nautical The act or procedure of careening a ship.
    • Nautical the career of a careened ship.
    • A slanting place where a ship is put, that keel may be repaired; the place where this is done.
    • The submerged figure or body which will be cut-off from a floating vessel because of the jet associated with area associated with the water; the submerged portion of a floating vessel: a figure bounded because of the plane of this surface of this water additionally the wetted area of a floating body.
    • A careening or lurching motion or movement; a lurch.
    • pitching dangerously to a single side
  • verb:
    • To heave a ship down on one part in order to reveal one other, to be able to clean it of barnacles and weed, or even repair it underneath the water-line.
    • To tilt using one side.
    • To lurch or sway violently laterally.
    • move sideways or perhaps in an unsteady method
    • walk like struggling to control a person's motions
  • others:
    • Nautical, resulting in (a ship) to lie over on one side for the intended purpose of examining, or of calking, restoring, cleansing, having to pay with pitch, or breaming one other side.
    • To lean-to one part, as a ship under a hit of sail.

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