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    • A conspiratorial band of plotters or intriguers: "Espionage…
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    • The number of Republicans who support…
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cabal definition

  • noun:
    • A conspiratorial band of plotters or intriguers: "Espionage is very specifically it—a cabal of powerful men, working secretly” ( Frank Conroy).
    • A secret scheme or story.
    • A usually secret unique company of individuals collected for a political purpose.
    • A secret plot.
    • An identifiable team in the custom of Discordianism.
    • Tradition; occult doctrine. See cabala.
    • A secret.
    • Many individuals united in some close design, generally to market their personal views and passions in chapel or condition by intrigue; a secret association consists of a couple of designing individuals; a junto.
    • The secret artifices or machinations of a few people united in an in depth design; intrigue.
    • The cabala (which see).
    • A secret.
    • Conjoint intrigue; key artifices of a few individuals united in a few design: as, “curs'd cabals of females,”
    • several individuals united in a few close design, often to market their personal views in church or state by intrigue; a junto.
    • Synonyms Combination, Party, Faction, Cabal, Camarilla, Junto. Combination is the most general of these words, but it expresses least of permanence in organization; it often denotes the union for special ends of individuals or parties otherwise antagonistic: as, the Democrats and Greenbackers entered into a combination to secure the election. A party is strictly a more close and permanent union of individuals, organized to promote certain principles or common interests which they consider of fundamental importance: as, the Low Church party, the Republican party; but the term is more loosely used where organization is wanting: as, the Free-trade party. Combination and party may express that which is entirely reputable; the other words are chiefly unfavorable in their signification. A faction is commonly a section of a party; it is generally a comparatively small number of individuals, whose principles and objects are often of a captious, frivolous, or selfish nature, but advocated so persistently as to be annoying, and with so little regard to the general interest as sometimes to be dangerous. Cabal and junto express a union less comprehensive than party or even faction; the intrigues of a cabal or junto are usually conducted mainly for the personal aggrandizement of its members. Junto has almost entirely given place to cabal in modern use. A camarilla is a more or less united body of secret counselors of a ruler, acting generally in opposition to his official advisers, and constituting a “power behind the throne.”
    • A horse.
    • a plot to handle some harmful or unlawful act (especially a political story)
    • a clique (frequently key) that seeks power frequently through intrigue
  • verb-intransitive:
    • To form a cabal; conspire.
    • To unite in a tiny celebration to advertise personal views and interests by intrigue; to intrigue; to land.
  • verb:
    • to take part in those activities of a cabal
    • practice plotting or enter into a conspiracy, swear collectively
  • others:
    • to make a cabal; intrigue conjointly; unite in secret artifices to effect some design.
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