blame definition

  • verb-transitive:
    • to carry accountable.
    • locate fault with; censure.
    • to position responsibility for (something): blamed the crisis on bad preparation.
    • To censure; to convey disapprobation of; discover fault with; to reproach.
    • to create reproach upon; to blemish.
  • noun:
    • The state to be accountable for a fault or error; culpability.
    • Censure; condemnation.
    • Censure.
    • Culpability for one thing bad or undesirable.
    • Responsibility for anything meriting censure.
    • An expression of disapprobation fir one thing considered becoming incorrect; imputation of fault; censure.
    • That which is worth censure or disapprobation; culpability; fault; criminal activity; sin.
    • Hurt; injury.
    • An expression of disapproval of some thing deemed to-be incorrect; imputation of a fault; censure; reprehension.
    • whatever is worthy of censure or disapprobation; fault; criminal activity; sin.
    • Culpability; duty for a thing that is incorrect: as, the blame is yours.
    • Hurt; damage.
    • a reproach for a few lapse or misdeed
    • an accusation that you are in charge of some lapse or misdeed
  • idiom:
    • to blame Deserving censure; responsible.
    • the culprit becoming the reason or way to obtain one thing: A freak storm would be to blame for the power outage.
  • verb:
    • To censure (some body or something like that); to criticize.
    • to create into disrepute.
    • to say or give consideration to that some one may be the reason behind some thing unfavorable; to place fault, to attribute duty (for one thing bad and for doing some thing unfavorable).
    • harass with continual criticism
    • put or pin the fault on
    • attribute responsibility to
  • others:
    • to convey disapprobation of; discover fault with; censure: opposed to praise or commend.
    • Formerly it may be followed by of.
    • To charge; impute as a fault; lay the duty of: as, he blames the failure on you.
    • To bring reproach upon; blemish; injure.
    • [such expressions as he is blame, to blame, by a vintage and typical building, has the passive meaning ‘to be blamed, blamable.’ Compare a house to let, employ, build; grain ready to cut, etc.
    • In article authors of this Elizabethan period it was usually written also blame, blame apparently becoming seen erroneously as an adjective.] Synonyms To reprove, reproach, chide, upbraid, reprehend. See decry.
  • adjective:
    • expletives utilized informally as intensifiers

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