bladder definition

  • noun:
    • Anatomy Any of numerous distensible membranous sacs, including the urinary kidney or even the swim-bladder, that serve as receptacles for substance or fuel.
    • An item resembling among the membranous sacs in pets: the bladder of a football.
    • Botany some of different hollow or inflated saclike organs or structures, including the floats of specific seaweeds or perhaps the specific traps of bladderworts.
    • Pathology A blister, pimple, or cyst filled with liquid or atmosphere; a vesicle.
    • A flexible sac that may expand and contract and therefore keeps fluids or gases.
    • Specifically, the urinary bladder.
    • A hollow, expansive organ of a plant.
    • The inflatable case inside numerous balls found in recreations, particularly footballs and rugby balls.
    • A sealed, plastic bag that contains wine and it is often packaged in a cask.
    • A bag or sac in animals, which serves as the receptacle of some substance; ; -- applied particularly into the urinary bladder, either inside the pet, or when applied for and inflated with environment.
    • Any vesicle or blister, particularly when filled up with air, or a thin, watery substance.
    • A distended, membranaceous pericarp.
    • such a thing inflated, vacant, or unsound.
    • A thin, flexible, extremely distensible and contractile muscular and membranous sac forming that part of the urinary passages by which urine, constantly released because of the kidneys, is retained until it's discharged from the body.
    • Any similar receptacle, sac, or vesicle, commonly distinguished by a qualifying prefix. See air-bladder, brain-bladder, gall-bladder, swim-bladder.
    • Any vesicle, blister, bleb, blain, or pimple containing fluid or air.
    • In botany: A hollow membranous appendage on leaves of Utricularia, filled with environment and drifting the plant.
    • A cellular expansion for the material of numerous algæ filled with atmosphere. See cut under air-cell.
    • Anything inflated, empty, or unsound: as, “bladders of philosophy,”
    • A membranous inflated good fresh fruit, as that of Kœlreuteria or the pericarp of Physalis.
    • a distensible membranous sac (usually containing liquid or gasoline)
    • a bag that fills with air
  • verb:
    • To enlarge on like a bladder with atmosphere; to inflate.
    • to keep or post in bladders.
  • verb-transitive:
    • To enlarge down like a bladder with atmosphere; to inflate.
    • To put up in bladders.
  • others:
    • to put on in a bladder: as, bladdered lard.
    • To smoke up; fill, just like wind.

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