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blackbird definition

  • noun:
    • any one of various New World wild birds of this family Icteridae, including the grackle or red-winged blackbird, a man which has actually black colored or predominantly black colored plumage.
    • a vintage World songbird (Turdus merula), a man which is black colored with a yellow bill. Also referred to as merle1.
    • Australian a-south Sea Islander kidnapped and offered into slavery in Australia; a Kanaka.
    • A (common) real thrush, Turdus merula, present in woods and landscapes over a lot of Eurasia, and launched elsewhere.
    • A variety of "" new world "" wild birds for the household Icteridae (26 types of icterid bird).
    • In The united kingdomt, a species of thrush (Turdus merula), a singing bird with a fin note; the merle. In the us title is given to a few wild birds, given that Quiscalus versicolor, or crow blackbird; the Agelæus phœniceus, or red-winged blackbird; the cowbird; the rusty grackle, etc. See redwing.
    • Among slavers and pirates, a negro or Polynesian.
    • A native of any associated with the islands near Queensland; -- labeled as also Kanaka.
    • The English title of a species of thrush, Merula merula, Turdus merula, or Merula vulgaris, common throughout Europe.
    • In America, a bird of the family Icteridæ (which see).
    • into the western Indies, the ani, Crotophaga ani, of household Cuculidæ, or cuckoos; the savanna-blackbird. See cut under ani.
    • A cant term on coastline of Africa for a slave.
    • A native for the islands of Torres Strait.
    • typical black European thrush
    • any bird associated with family members Icteridae whose male is black colored or predominantly black
  • verb-transitive:
    • Australian To kidnap (a-south water Islander) and sell into slavery.
  • verb-intransitive:
    • to take part in the slave trade.
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