bald definition

  • adjective:
    • Lacking hair regarding head.
    • Lacking a normal or usual covering: a bald spot on the lawn.
    • Lacking treads: a bald tire.
    • Zoology Having white feathers or markings on the head, such as some birds or animals.
    • Lacking ornamentation; unadorned.
    • Undisguised; blunt: a bald statement of plan.
    • Having no locks, fur or feathers.
    • Of tyres: whose area is used away.
    • Of a statement: empirically unsupported.
    • Destitute of the normal or common covering on the mind or top, at the time of tresses, feathers, vegetation, trees, etc..
    • Destitute of ornament; unadorned; bare; literal.
    • Undisguised.
    • Destitute of dignity or worth; paltry; mean.
    • Destitute of a beard or awn.
    • Destitute of the all-natural covering.
    • Marked with a white spot on the head; bald-faced.
    • lacking hair on all or a lot of the scalp
    • without the natural or usual addressing
    • without effort to conceal
  • noun:
    • A mountain summit or crest that lacks forest development despite a warm climate conducive to such, as it is found in many locations in the south Appalachian Mountains.
    • a normal meadow or grassy plain occurring on rounded summit of increased mountain: a phrase used inside southern expansion of Appalachian ranges, where a number of the highest knobs have their dome-shaped tops entirely bare of trees.
  • verb:
    • in order to become bald
    • grow bald; shed tresses on a single's head
  • others:
    • Wanting tresses, due to the fact head, in a few component (usually the most notable, or forward and top) where it normally expands; partially or completely deprived of tresses on the head, as one.
    • Without the normal or normal addressing for the mind or top; bareheaded: as, a bald pine; a bald mountain.
    • Destitute of beard or awn: as, bald grain.
    • Wanting power or meaning; meager; paltry: as, a bald sermon; a bald truism.
    • Destitute of proper decoration; also bare, basic, or literal; unadorned; inelegant: as, “a bald interpretation,”
    • Bare; available; undisguised.
    • Having white from the face or head: particularly applied to a few wild birds: because, the bald buzzard, eagle, etc.
    • To make bald; deprive of hair.
    • An obsolete and dialectal kind of strong.

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