attribute definition

  • verb-transitive:
    • To relate with a certain cause or source; ascribe: attributed their failure to deficiencies in planning.
    • To respect as work of a specified broker, destination, or time: attributed the painting to Titian; attributed the vase to 18th-century Japan.
    • To ascribe; to think about (anything) as due or appropriate (to); to mention, as an impact to an underlying cause; to impute; to assign; to consider as that belong (to).
  • noun:
    • A quality or characteristic built-in in or ascribed to somebody or something like that.
    • An object connected with and serving to spot a character, personage, or office: Lightning bolts tend to be an attribute of Zeus.
    • Grammar A word or phrase syntactically subordinate to another word or phrase that it modifies; for example, my sister's and brown within my cousin's brown dog.
    • A characteristic or top-notch anything.
    • A word that qualifies a noun.
    • The relevant option choice; a variable or a value.
    • what is predicated or affirmed of a topic; a predicate; any sort of accident.
    • A semantic product with which a method, etc. could be decorated.
    • whatever is attributed; a good that is thought to be belonging to, or built-in in, a person or thing; an essential or essential home or attribute.
    • Character.
    • A conventional expression of company, personality, or identity, included with any certain figure.
    • Quality, etc., denoted by an attributive; an attributive adjunct or adjective.
    • In logic, that which is predicated or affirmed of a subject; a predicate; a major accident.
    • A character inseparable from its topic.
    • A characteristic or specific level; specially, a great or lofty quality or trait: as, wisdom and goodness are his characteristics.
    • within the good arts, symbolic of company, personality, or character: thus, the eagle could be the feature of Jupiter.
    • character; honor.
    • In grammar, an attributive word; a word denoting an attribute.
    • a construct whereby objects or people is distinguished
    • an abstraction belonging to or characteristic of an entity
  • verb:
    • To ascribe (anything) to a given cause, explanation etc.
    • To associate ownership or authorship of (something) to some body.
    • characteristic or credit to
    • choose concerning where one thing belongs in a scheme
  • others:
    • To ascribe; impute; consider as that belong or because due; assign.
    • Synonyms Attribute, Ascribe, Refer, Impute, Charge, have two definitions in keeping: they could designate some characteristic, high quality, or appurtenance to people or thing, or they might link different things, as a result using its cause. Refer is the weakest. Attribute is more powerful: as, to feature omniscience to God; to feature failure to incompetence. Ascribe, becoming many manifestly figurative, may be the strongest and a lot of typical; it is rarely found in a bad sense. That which is imputed in the first sense known as is typically yet not constantly bad: because, to impute folly to a guy. To impute anything good seems an archaic mode of expression. Impute is not very common within the 2nd feeling: as, to impute an individual's difficulties to a single's follies. The theological concept of impute, that laying to a person's account some thing good or bad that does not fit in with him, has actually impacted but little the popular utilization of the term. That which is recharged, in either associated with the senses called, is bad: as, “His angels he charged with folly,” Job iv. 18; I charged it with their youth and inexperience. The phrase is a stronger one, on account of its connection with legal procedures, etc.

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