aspirate definition

  • verb-transitive:
    • Linguistics To pronounce (a vowel or term) with all the initial release of breath of English h, such as rush.
    • Linguistics To follow (a consonant, specifically a stop consonant) with a puff of air that's clearly audible prior to the next sound starts, like in English gap or system.
    • To draw (anything) in to the lung area; inhale.
    • medication To remove an abnormal accumulation of (a liquid or gas) from the human anatomy by aspiration.
    • medication To suction (a body part or growth, for example) for the elimination of a liquid or a gas.
    • To pronounce with a breathing, an aspirate, or an h noise
  • noun:
    • Linguistics The speech noise represented by English h.
    • Linguistics The puff of air accompanying the production of an end consonant.
    • Linguistics A speech noise followed by a puff of air.
    • drug material removed by aspiration.
    • The puff of atmosphere associated the release of a plosive consonant.
    • an audio from such a puff of atmosphere.
    • A sound comprising, or characterized by, a breath such as the sound of h; the breathing h or a character representing these types of a sound; an aspirated noise.
    • A mark of aspiration (ʽ) utilized in Greek; the asper, or harsh respiration.
    • An elementary sound generated by the breath alone; a surd, or nonvocal consonant; because, f, th in thin, etc.
    • An aspirated sound, or an audio like our h; a sound with that the h-sound is combined, or which corresponds historically to a sound for this nature: thus, the Sanskrit kh, gh, bh, etc., additionally the Greek ch, th, ph (χ, θ, φ) are called aspirates, because will also be the English f, th, which are more properly known as breathings or spirants; in addition, a character or combination of figures representing an audio hence explained, given that page h, the Greek harsh respiration, etc.
    • a consonant pronounced with aspiration
  • verb:
    • to eliminate a liquid or gasoline by means of suction.
    • To inhale so as to draw something other than environment into an individual's lung area.
    • to create an audible puff of breath. specially following a consonant.
    • suck-in (air)
    • remove as if by suction
    • pronounce with aspiration; of end seems
  • adjective:
    • aspirated
    • Pronounced using h noise or with audible air.
  • others:
    • To pronounce with a breathing or an audible emission of breathing; pronounce with these types of a sound as that of the letter h: as, we aspirate the words horse and home, yet not time and honor; cockneys frequently aspirate terms starting with a vowel.
    • to eliminate by aspiration.
    • To be uttered with an aspirate or strong respiration.
    • Pronounced using the aspirate or harsh respiration; pronounced with all the h-sound, or with a solid emission of breathing.
    • To impel by aspiration or suction: since, to aspirate a present of environment through a tube.

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