apt definition

  • adjective:
    • precisely appropriate; appropriate: an apt reply.
    • Having a natural tendency; inclined: she actually is more likely to just take offense effortlessly. See Usage Notes at liable, likely.
    • Quick to learn or understand: an apt student.
    • Suitable; appropriate; fit or fitted; appropriate.
    • Having a habitual propensity; habitually liable or most likely; disposed toward.
    • Ready; especially fitted or qualified (to-do something); quick to understand; prompt; specialist; because, a pupil more likely to find out; an apt scholar.
    • Fit or fitted; suitable; appropriate; appropriate.
    • Having an habitual propensity; constantly liable or most likely; -- utilized of things.
    • Inclined; disposed customarily; given; ready; -- utilized of individuals.
    • prepared; particularly fitted or skilled (doing anything); fast to understand; prompt; expert
    • (usually accompanied by `to') naturally disposed toward
    • being of striking appropriateness and pertinence
    • at risk of or susceptible to experiencing something generally unpleasant
    • psychologically quick and resourceful
  • verb-transitive:
    • To fit; to match; to adjust.
  • others:
    • Possessing the characteristics required or correct for a specific function or end; fit; suited; adjusted; ideal.
    • Suited to its purpose; apposite; pertinent; proper; getting: as, an apt metaphor.
    • Having a tendency; obviously susceptible; liable; most likely: since, grain on wet land is apt to blast or perhaps winter-killed.
    • Inclined; predisposed; disposed customarily; prone; prepared: as, one that is just too likely to slander other people.
    • Ready; prompt; quick; unusually smart; expert; facile: since, a pupil more likely to learn; an apt wit.
    • ready; ready; willing.
    • effective at simple explanation; all-natural; legitimate.
    • Synonyms Apt, Fit. “The words likely and fit could be thought to vary just inside, your former is of Latin derivation; but likely has actually an active good sense, and fit a passive feeling,—a difference plainly shown by Shakspere, if the poisoner inside play in Hamlet claims, ‘hands apt, medications fit,’ by Wordsworth: ‘Our minds much more likely to sympathize with paradise, our souls healthier for future glory.’” H. Reed, Eng. Lit., p. 106. Meet, fitting, germane, proper.3 and . Apt, Likely, Liable, Subject, susceptible. Apt, when used in this feeling of individuals, shows actual propensity or inward interest: because, likely to catch cold; apt to neglect work; whenever used of things, it likewise shows normal inclination: because, likely to shape. Probably may advise the exact same concept: because, he could be prone to do it; chances are to rust; or it could express simple external likelihood or possibility: as, he could be likely to come at any time. Liable in this link is precisely used only of experience of bad, becoming practically comparable to subjected, or confronted with the risk of: as, prone to accident; prone to be hurt, this is certainly, confronted with the risk of being hurt; liable to censure: such make use of it does not show likelihood or tendency, but merely the likelihood of publicity or threat. Topic expresses what is more likely to eventually one or thing, and sporadically does happen. Liable to condition and at the mercy of disease therefore communicate various a few ideas. Those things that our company is liable are determined more accidentally or situation; the items that we're subject are dependant on nature and constitution. Apt to be abruptly sick; liable, yet not likely, to perish before the physician comes; at the mercy of attacks of epilepsy.
    • Clever, bright, dexterous.
    • to organize for an absolute service; fit; suit for anticipated circumstances; adjust.

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