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  • noun:
    • Architecture An apse.
    • Astronomy The point of biggest or least distance of this orbit of a celestial human anatomy from a center of attraction.
    • A recess or projection, with a dome or vault, during the east-end of a church; an apse.
    • Either associated with the points when you look at the elliptical orbit of a planet or comet in which it is closest or furthest from sun; perihelion or aphelion; an apside
    • One of the two points of an orbit, since a planet or satellite, that are within greatest and the very least distance from the central body, corresponding to your aphelion and perihelion of a planet, or even the apogee and perigee regarding the moon. The greater remote is named the greater apsis; another, the lower apsis; as well as the range joining them, the distinct apsides.
    • In a curve referred to polar co√∂rdinates, any point for which the radius vector is a maximum or minimum.
    • Just Like Apse.
    • In astronomy, a place in eccentric orbit of a planet for which it really is either furthest from or nearest into the human body about which it revolves.
    • In architecture, just like apse.
    • A reliquary or situation where relies of saints are held, specifically certainly one of a questionnaire imitating the curves of a dome or vault.
    • Occasionally written absis.
    • a domed or vaulted recess or projection on a building particularly the east end of a church; frequently provides the altar

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