annulus definition

  • noun:
    • A ringlike figure, component, framework, or tagging, like an improvement band regarding the scale of a fish.
    • A ring or number of thick-walled cells across the sporangia of several ferns that features in spore launch.
    • The ringlike continues to be of a broken limited veil, discovered across the stipes of particular mushrooms.
    • Mathematics The figure bounded by and containing the region between two concentric sectors.
    • A ring- or donut-shaped area or framework.
    • the spot in an airplane between two concentric circles various distance.
    • Any topological area homeomorphic to the area in a plane between two concentric circles various radius.
    • The band of this sunlight perhaps not covered by the moon in an annular solar power eclipse.
    • Structure in a fern that is made from differentially thick-walled cells on a sporangium that bend and distort as a result of drying out.
    • The membranous remnants of a partial veil which actually leaves a ring from the stem of a mushroom.
    • The space contained between your centre well bore and any outside tubing. Sometimes employed for isolated fuel circulation.
    • A ring; a ringlike component or room.
    • A space contained between your circumferences of two groups, one inside the various other.
    • The solid created by a circle revolving around a line the airplane of this group but will not cut it.
    • Ring-shaped structures or markings, present, or upon, various creatures.
    • A ring-like area or location included involving the circumferences of two concentric groups.
    • In physiology, a ring-like part, starting, etc.: utilized in Latin phrases.
    • (See under.) In botany: The elastic band which surrounds the spore-case of many ferns.
    • In mosses, an elastic band of cells lying amongst the lid together with foot of the peristome or orifice regarding the capsule.
    • In fungi, the slender membrane layer surrounding the stem in a few agarics following the limit has actually broadened.
    • In zoology: A thin chitinous band which encircles the mantle in Tetrabranchiata, connecting chitinous patches regarding the mantle into that the shell-muscles are placed.
    • In entomology, a narrow encircling musical organization, generally speaking of shade; often an increasing ring.
    • In astronomy, the ring of light seen in regards to the side of the moon in an annular eclipse of sun. See annular eclipse, under annular.
    • within the Equisetaceæ, the sheath below the increase created by the union associated with the bases of this leaves.
    • In diatoms, the rim of silex formed in the frustules of some genera.
    • The fleshy rim of corolla in milkweeds.
    • One of the external subdivisions associated with human anatomy of a leech, resembling a segment associated with the human anatomy of an earthworm.
    • a toroidal shape
    • (Fungi) a remnant of the partial veil that in mature mushrooms surrounds the stem like a collar

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