annual definition

  • adjective:
    • Recurring, done, or carried out each year; annually: a yearly medical examination.
    • Of, associated with, or based on annually: a yearly earnings.
    • Botany Living or growing for only one-year or period.
    • Happening when each year.
    • Of, for, or associated with an entire 12 months, frequently as a continual cycle; determined or reckoned by the 12 months; gathering for the duration of a year; done, performed, or finished during the period of a-year. See additionally circannual.
    • (of a plant) Having a life pattern that is completed in only one growing season; e.g. beans, corn, marigold. See Annual plant in Wikipedia. Compare biennial, perennial.
    • Living or enduring just one period or year, as particular pests or insect colonies.
    • Of or with respect to per year; coming back each year; coming or happening once in the year; annually.
    • Performed or achieved in a year; reckoned because of the year.
    • Lasting or continuing just one year or one developing period; requiring become restored annually
    • completing its life period within a year
    • occurring or payable every year
  • noun:
    • A periodical published yearly; a yearbook.
    • Botany A plant that finishes its entire life pattern in one single growing season.
    • a yearly book; a book, periodical, journal, report, comic guide, yearbook, etc., which can be published serially annually, which may or might not be and regular weekly or month-to-month publication.
    • An annual plant; a plant with a life course of only one growing season; a plant which normally germinates, blossoms and dies in a single 12 months. Compare biennial, perennial.
    • anything occurring or coming back yearly; esp. a literary work published once a year.
    • any such thing, specifically a plant, that persists but 12 months or season; an annual plant.
    • A Mass for a deceased individual and for some special item, stated every day for annually or regarding the anniversary day.
    • A mass stated for a deceased individual, either each day during per year through the day's their death, or regarding the recurrence regarding the day for several many years; a wedding anniversary size; additionally the fee paid for it. Also called annal.
    • A yearly repayment or allowance; especially, in Scotland, quit-rent; ground-rent. Also referred to as ground-annual.
    • A plant or an animal whoever all-natural term of life is certainly one 12 months or one season; particularly, any plant which expands from seed, blooms, perfects its fruit, and dies in the course of the same year.
    • A literary manufacturing posted yearly; specifically, an illustrated work issued near Christmas time of each year.
    • flowers become annuals because of the limits associated with the months. Some plants pass away outright at strategy of cold or dry-weather and then leave only their particular seeds to carry the types to another season; these are the true annuals. Other individuals, certainly perennial within their native climates, become annual in short-season climates when you're killed by frost; they're plur-annuals. Other people carry on their own over by way of bulbs; these are pseud-annuals.
    • (botany) a plant that completes its life time pattern in the room of a year
    • a reference guide which posted on a regular basis when yearly
  • others:
    • Of, for, or with respect to per year; yearly: as, the annual growth of a tree; yearly profits; the yearly motion for the earth.
    • regarding a year, or to the events or deals of per year: as, a yearly report.
    • Lasting or continuing only 1 year, or one season of the year; visiting an end independently in the year: as, yearly flowers or pests.
    • developing or returning annually; happening or coming at yearly intervals: because, an annual feast or occasion.

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