anger definition

  • noun:
    • a solid feeling of displeasure or hostility.
    • a solid feeling of displeasure, hostility or antagonism towards some one or something, frequently along with an urge to hurt.
    • Pain or stinging.
    • difficulty; vexation; in addition, real discomfort or wise of a sore, etc.
    • a good enthusiasm or emotion of displeasure or antagonism, excited by a proper or expected injury or insult to 1's self or other individuals, or because of the intention to-do these types of damage.
    • Grief; difficulty; stress; anguish.
    • A revengeful passion or feeling directed against one who inflicts a proper or expected wrong; “uneasiness or discomposure of head upon the bill of every damage, with something special intent behind payback,” Locke; wrath; ire.
    • An individual fit of anger; a manifestation of anger, as a threat: in this good sense it may be used in the plural.
    • Pain or smart, since a sore or inflammation. This good sense continues to be retained by the adjective. See crazy, 8.
    • Synonyms Anger, Vexation, Indignation, Resentment, Wrath, Ire, Choler, Rage, Fury, enthusiasm, displeasure, dudgeon, discomfort, gall, bile, spleen. Vexation could be the least forcible among these terms, expressing the annoyance and impatient chafing of 1 whose state of mind has-been crossed, whose expectations have not been realized, etc. Indignation may be the many high-minded and unselfish; it is intense feeling in view of grossly unworthy conduct, whether toward a person's self or toward others. The other words denote practically solely feeling excited by the sense of accidental injury. Anger is a sudden violent sense of displeasure over damage, disobedience, etc., associated with a retaliatory impulse; it quickly becomes excessive, and its own manifestation is normally associated with a loss of self-control. Resentment may be the broadest in its meaning, denoting the instinctive and correct recoil of sensation whenever a person is hurt, and frequently a deep and bitter brooding over past wrongs, with a consequent hatred and settled desire to have vengeance; it is, inside latter feeling, the coolest and a lot of permanent of the emotions. Wrath and ire present unexpected sense of great-power, consequently they are often from the notion associated with the superiority of the individual: as, the wrath of Jove, the ire of Achilles. They usually are the result of wounded pleasure. Ire is poetic. Wrath has also an exalted sense, expressive of a lofty indignation visiting justice upon wrong-doing. Rage is an outburst of anger, with little or no self-control; fury is even more violent than trend, rising nearly to madness. The chief characteristic of choler is quickness to rise; it is irascibility, easily breaking into increased amount of resentful feeling.
    • An occasional spelling of angor.
    • a strong feeling; a sense which focused toward some genuine or supposed grievance
    • the state of being frustrated
    • belligerence stimulated by a proper or expected incorrect (personified as one of the dangerous sins)
  • verb-transitive:
    • In order to make annoyed; enrage or provoke.
    • which will make painful; to cause to smart; to inflame.
    • To stimulate to fury; to enrage; to trigger.
  • verb-intransitive:
    • To become angry: She angers too soon.
  • verb:
    • To cause such a feeling of antagonism.
    • to be annoyed.
    • become annoyed
    • make upset
  • others:
    • To grieve; difficulty; distress; afflict.
    • to produce painful; cause to wise; inflame; irritate: since, to anger an ulcer. Bacon.
    • To excite to fury or wrath; rouse resentment in.
    • Synonyms To irritate, chafe, provoke, vex, enrage, exasperate, infuriate.
    • In order to become annoyed.

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