amplitude definition

  • noun:
    • Greatness of dimensions; magnitude.
    • Fullness; copiousness.
    • Breadth or range, by intelligence.
    • Astronomy The angular length over the horizon from true eastern or west toward intersection for the straight circle of a celestial human anatomy using horizon.
    • Physics the most absolute worth of a periodically varying amount.
    • Mathematics the most absolute worth of a periodic curve calculated along its straight axis.
    • Mathematics The angle created using the good horizontal axis because of the vector representation of a complex number.
    • Electronics The maximum absolute worth reached by a voltage or current waveform.
    • The measure of anything's dimensions, especially in regards to width or breadth; largeness, magnitude.
    • the most absolute value of the straight element of a curve or function, particularly one that's regular.
    • the most absolute value of some amount that varies.
    • State to be ample; level of area or space; largeness of measurements; dimensions.
    • Largeness, in a figurative good sense; breadth; variety; fullness.
    • Of level of capacity or intellectual capabilities.
    • Of degree of means or resources.
    • The arc of horizon between your true eastern or west point together with center associated with the sun, or a star, at its increasing or establishing. At the increasing, the amplitude is east or ortive: within setting, it really is western, occiduous, or occasive. Additionally, it is north or south, whenever north or south regarding the equator.
    • The arc of the horizon amongst the real east or west point therefore the foot of the vertical circle passing through any celebrity or item.
    • The horizontal line which steps the exact distance that a projectile is tossed; the range.
    • The degree of a movement assessed through the kick off point or place of equilibrium; -- used especially to vibratory movements.
    • An angle upon which the worth of some function depends; -- a term utilized more especially in reference to elliptic features.
    • hawaii or top-notch becoming ample in dimensions; extension in area, specially breadth or width; largeness; level.
    • their state of being sufficient in amount; breadth in a figurative feeling; fullness; abundance; copiousness.
    • Largeness of mind; extent of psychological ability or of intellectual energy; breadth of thought.
    • In mathematics: In algebra, a confident genuine number increased by a-root of unity. The good genuine number is reported to be the amplitude of this item. In elliptic integrals, the limit of integration as soon as the integral is expressed in the normal trigonometric form.
    • In astronomy, the arc associated with horizon intercepted between the east or west point and the center associated with sun or of a star at its rising or establishing.
    • the position whoever tangent could be the hyperbolic sine of u.
    • In function theory, if x = ξ + in, allow polar coördinates of (ξ, η) be ρ, θ, after that anybody associated with perspectives θ or θ + 2nπ, in which letter is any positive or bad integer, can be known as the amplitude of x.
    • In meteorology, the product range or difference between the maximum and minimum values for the temperature, force, or any other meteorological factor within a certain time, such as for example every single day, 30 days, or a year.
    • (physics) the most displacement of a periodic trend
    • the home of copious variety
    • success of magnitude

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