adjunct definition

  • noun:
    • some thing attached with another in a dependent or subordinate place. See Synonyms at appendage.
    • you connected with another in a subordinate or additional capability.
    • Grammar A clause or term put into a sentence that, whilst not essential to the phrase's construction, amplifies its definition, such for a couple of hours in We waited for many hours.
    • Logic A nonessential characteristic of anything.
    • An appendage; something attached to another thing in a subordinate ability.
    • you related to another, usually in a subordinate position; a colleague.
    • A dispensable term in a clause or phrase that amplifies its definition, including "for a while" in "I entered for some time".
    • Symploce.
    • a good or home associated with human anatomy or mind, whether all-natural or obtained, such as for example color in the body or judgement within the mind.
    • A key or scale closely pertaining to another as principal; a member of family or attendant secret.
    • anything joined or added to one more thing, although not essentially an integral part of it.
    • A person joined up with to another in some task or service; a colleague; an associate at work.
    • A word or words put into high quality or amplify the power of other words.”
    • an excellent or home for the body and/or mind, whether natural or acquired.
    • a vital or scale closely regarding another as key; a relative or attendant secret. [R.] See Attendant secrets, under Attendant, a.
    • anything included with another, yet not basically part of it.
    • an individual joined up with to some other in a few duty or service; an assistant or subordinate colleague.
    • In metaphysics, any top-notch something perhaps not related to its essence.
    • In grammar, a word or some terms added to establish, limitation, or be considered the power of some other term or any other words; a word or phrase having price in a sentence just as determined by another person in the sentence, as an adjective, an adverb, the language of a dependent term, etc.
    • In music, a scale or secret closely about another; a family member scale or key.
    • a construction that can be used to extend the meaning of a word or term but is not merely one associated with the primary constituents of a sentence
    • something put into one more thing but not an essential element of it
    • someone who is an assistant or subordinate to a different
  • adjective:
    • Added or linked in a subordinate or additional capacity: an adjunct term.
    • mounted on a faculty or staff in a short-term or auxiliary ability: an adjunct teacher of history.
    • Connected in a subordinate function.
    • included with a faculty or staff in a second place.
    • Conjoined; going to; consequent.
    • of or concerning somebody who is subordinate to some other
    • furnishing included help
  • others:
    • United with another (generally in a subordinate capacity) in office or in action of any sort: because, an adjunct teacher. Included with or conjoined with, for that reason; going to; associated.

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