acid definition

  • noun:
    • Chemistry some of a class of substances whose aqueous solutions tend to be characterized by a sour flavor, the capacity to switch blue litmus red, and the capability to respond with basics and certain metals to make salts.
    • biochemistry A substance that yields hydrogen ions whenever dissolved in liquid.
    • biochemistry A substance that may work as a proton donor.
    • biochemistry A substance that may accept a set of electrons to create a covalent relationship.
    • A substance having a sour taste.
    • the caliber of being sarcastic, sour, or scornful: penned with acid about the woman first relationship.
    • Slang See LSD1.
    • A sour material.
    • any one of a number of courses of ingredient obtaining the after properties:-
    • lysergic acid diethylamide
    • A sour substance.
    • certainly one of a course of compounds, usually not always distinguished by their bad style, solubility in liquid, and reddening of vegetable azure or violet colors. Also, they are described as the power of destroying the unique properties of alkalies or bases, combining using them to make salts, simultaneously dropping their own particular properties. They all have hydrogen, united with an even more negative factor or radical, either alone, or maybe more generally speaking with oxygen, and just take their brands with this negative factor or radical. Those that contain no air are often known as hydracids in distinction through the others which are known as oxygen acids or oxacids.
    • Originally, a substance having a sour style like that of vinegar; in modern-day substance use, a name given to many compounds that do not always possess this residential property.
    • road name for lysergic acid diethylamide
    • any one of various water-soluble substances having a sour style and capable of turning litmus purple and reacting with a base to create a salt
  • adjective:
    • Chemistry Of, concerning, or containing an acid.
    • Chemistry Having a higher concentration of acid.
    • Chemistry getting the qualities of an acid.
    • Having a pH of under 7.
    • Having a comparatively large focus of hydrogen ions.
    • Geology Containing a sizable percentage of silica: acid stones.
    • Having a sour style. See Synonyms at sour.
    • Biting, sarcastic, or scornful: an acid wit; an acid words.
    • Sour, razor-sharp, or biting into flavor; tart; obtaining the flavor of vinegar.
    • Sour-tempered.
    • Of or pertaining to an acid; acid.
    • Denoting a musical style that is a distortion (as though hallucinogenic) of a current category, like in acid household, acid jazz, acidic rock.
    • Sour, razor-sharp, or biting towards the flavor; tart; obtaining the style of vinegar: as, acid fresh fruits or liquors. Additionally fig.: Sour-tempered.
    • Of or regarding an acid.
    • harsh or corrosive in tone
    • being bad towards the taste
    • getting the characteristics of an acid
  • others:
    • Sour, razor-sharp, or biting towards the taste; tasting like vinegar: as, acid fresh fruits or liquors.

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